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NT Record - Myth Riker
"What, do I look like I was born yesterday?"/"The absolute audacity."/"Not my finest hour."

Myth Aria Riker

[Image: And_repay_him_I_did.png]


Physical Description:
Age: Approximately 24
Bloodtype: A+
Build: Skinny
Clone Count: StackOverflowError
Disabilities: 10/20 vision in left eye, erratic heartbeat, split personality disorder (Minor)
Distinguishing Features: Tail is often twitching due to stimulants. Refuses to cover or hide hair, except for EVA.
Ethnicity: Saurian
Eye color: Sky Blue
Hair color: Gray
Height: 5'11
Unique Traits: Bald, Matrix Flopout, Hemophilia, Addictive Personality, Smoker, Human Torch, Reptilian
Weight: 143lbs.

Personal Information:
Alias(es): Jack Wolfe, Myth Until Proven, Bones Of Glass
Birthdate: November 22nd, [ERROR]
Birthplace: [ERROR], Philadelphia, PA
Biological Sex: Male
Gender Identity: Straight
Current Residence: Unknown, though camera footage suggests a small apartment near CentComm
Economic Status: Above Average
Education: [ERROR], multiple firearms training programs.
Habits: Smoking, fidgeting, checking his pockets
Hobbies: Testing unusual guns, cosplaying, playing old video games, working on his quickdraw (current record is 0.242 seconds)
Marital Status: Engaged to [ERROR], age 26
Nanotrasen Loyalty Index: 78%
Occupation: Varies, commonly Detective
Personality Traits: Logical, Decisive, Forgiving
Personality Type: INTP-A (Logician)
Previous Occupations: Mercenary, Back Alley Surgeon, Head of Personnel, Security Officer, [ERROR]
Religion: Christian
Zodiac: Scorpio/Saggitarius

Supplementary Information:
Admires: Anyone else with firearms expertise, Kaarina, Cal, Works On Papers
Likes: Old spaghetti Westerns, anything Sec considers 'contraband' (Streisand Effect)
Dislikes: Energy weapons
Fears: The legend that is Camryn Stern (Quote, "He's got a kill list a mile long. My name's been at the top since the 2030s.")
Favourite Drink: Moscow Mule
Favourite Animal: Lycanthrope (Quote, "Does that even count? No? Damn. Black panther, then.")
Favourite Colour: Octarine
Favourite Book: 1984 by George Orwell
Favourite Film: "The Day The Earth Stood Still", an old black and white film (Quote, "First I ever saw. Never got tired of re-watching it.")
Favourite Scent: Old Spice shampoo
Favourite Food: Salisbury Steak
Favourite Plant: Aconite
Favourite Chemical: Sarin
Favourite Celebrity: Michael Bay
Favourite Gun: Winchester Bolt Action Pistol (Quote, "It's incredibly rare, and reminds me of an old friend's weapon of choice.")
Favourite Place to Shoot the Breeze: Viro Shuttle of Horizon
Favourite Restaurant: The High Tide, SEV Torch

Medical Records:
Background suggests a long period in medical school and apprenticeship.

Security Records:

(Subject is still being studied, due to an apparent radical change in personality based on his active job. Document subject to change.)
Subject's split personality can be simplified into two categories: "Sapien" and "Lupus".
The "Sapien" personality is the nervous and studious version of Myth that NT originally hired, and commonly "takes point" when Myth is acting as any job in the Medical department.
The "Lupus" personality is the desensitized and robust leader that NT managed to create via project "Long Night of Solace". Commonly "takes point" when Myth is acting as any Security or Command job, save for Medical Director.
"And before you ask... The 'Lupus' personality we installed fights defensively. Yes, I learned from creating Stern, how surprising. -[REDACTED]"

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