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NT Record - Myth Riker (Updated)
"The only way to live in this brave new world is to abandon 'regret'. Keep moving. Don't let yourself get pinned, even for a moment. You give an inch- they take a mile."

Myth Aria Riker

[Image: Corporate_Shill.png][Image: newer_casualwar.png]

(High Stress)

Physical Description:
Age: Approximately 24
Bloodtype: A+
Build: Skinny
Clone Count: StackOverflowError
Disabilities: 10/20 vision in left eye, erratic heartbeat, split personality disorder (Minor)
Distinguishing Features: Tail is often twitching due to stimulants. Refuses to cover or hide hair, except for EVA.
Ethnicity: Saurian (technically)
Eye color: Sky Blue
Hair color: Gray
Height: 5'11
Unique Traits: Bald, Unionized, Addictive Personality, Smoker, Human Torch, Reptilian
Weight: 143lbs.

Personal Information:
Alias(es): Jack Wolfe, Myth Until Proven, Bones Of Glass
Birthdate: November 22nd, [ERROR]
Birthplace: [ERROR], Philadelphia, PA
Biological Sex: Male
Gender Identity: N/A (It can't reliably be pinned under any one identity.)
Current Residence: Unknown, though camera footage suggests a small apartment near CentComm
Economic Status: Above Average
Education: [ERROR], multiple firearms training programs.
Habits: Smoking, fidgeting, checking his pockets
Hobbies: Testing unusual guns, cosplaying, playing old video games, working on his quickdraw (current record is 0.242 seconds)
Marital Status: Unmarried
Nanotrasen Loyalty Index: 38%
Occupation: Janitor
Personality Traits: (over)Protective, Determined
Personality Type: INTP-A (Logician)
Previous Occupations: Janitor, Waiter, Caretaker (Retirement home), Looter
Religion: Christian
Zodiac: Scorpio/Saggitarius

Supplementary Information:
Admires: Contraband and rare items
Likes: Ballistic weapons, spaghetti westerns, vigilante justice
Dislikes: Energy weapons, tight spaces (Claustrophobia?)
Fears: The Porta-Brig
Favorite Drink: Arizona Tea
Favorite Animal: German Shepherd
Favorite Colour: Octarine
Favorite Book: Unknown
Favorite Film: "The Day The Earth Stood Still", an old black and white film
Favorite Scent: Old Spice shampoo
Favorite Food: Salisbury Steak
Favorite Plant: Aconite
Favorite Chemical: Sarin
Favorite Celebrity: Michael Bay
Favorite Gun: 
Favorite Place to Shoot the Breeze: Viro Shuttle of Horizon
Favorite Restaurant: Nifty Fifty's
Favorite Game: SSX (2012)
Favorite Band: Tzar Bombah 

Medical Records:
Apparently an old cloning accident made him the way he is now. He enjoyed his new looks, so he decided not to change them back. It gave him a couple... unhealthy... habits, though.

Security Records:
Apparently, this guy had a recent fallout with NT over the actions of a Security team, which ended with him being completely barred from the Sec team. (OOCly, he is jobbanned from every single Sec job. Wow.)

Myth was originally a Human, and grew up in a normal family with normal parents. He spent his days studying and his nights partying. All that changed when he signed up for a government project- one of the earlier attempts at Cloning. Due to a couple drunken decisions he made years prior, Myth's genetics were damaged beyond repair, and (for lack of a better term) the cloning pod seriously fucked him up. Thinking quickly, the scientists made do, and merged his file with the only other one they had- one of the previous animal test subjects. Out popped the Myth we know today, looking just enough like a Saurian to save the project (and the jobs of the scientists), while leaving Myth with conflicting personalities, amnesia, and one hell of a hangover.
UPDATE- As of now, if you haven't read this post (

Myth will be missing from Space Station 13 for a while. He may or may not return.

He's not dead- in fact, he's happily living planetside on Earth. It's just that he isn't exactly willing to go back for a while, until things die down a little...

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