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HoS Application- ThyOverlord (Overia Nomachy)
Usual character name: Overia Thy Nomachy
BYOND username: ThyOverlord
Discord username (if you are on our discord): ThyOverlord#0616
Recommended by (if applicable): Although I have been encouraged by many HoS to apply, I haven't received any formal recommendation.
Goon servers you play: Goon RP 3 & 4

Reason for application:
Security is a job with a lot of control over how enjoyable a shift is. Often times I’ve seen security teams without a firm leader make for an extremely messy shift, and generally unfun environment for the crew that has to interact with them, although this isn’t always the case I am very aware of how elevating the role of HoS is for the crew, and strive to take up this mantle to help ensure the crew and my team have someone to rely on. I usually take a leading role if and when sec becomes disorganized, and I'd say I do a good job at doing so. I do my best during these shifts to ensure my team doesn't get overworked. I firmly believe I am well suited to take up more responsibility as an officer, and become a Head of Security.

Security experience (300 word minimum): 
I originally joined goonstation around 2 years ago I was very much a less than enjoyable player, and didn’t much know how to interact with the crew or to do many of the roles within the station, after a few months of that I took a break from goon and simply just floated around in the discord for months just spending time with the community and falling in love with everything about goonstation as a community.

About just at the start of 2021 just before tide came in I began playing again and fell in love with security; as the tide came in I began to enjoy a much more responsibility-based role teaching new players and trying to be a general mediator for the crew. During this time I taught many security officers that are still around, and some have even risen to HoS. I have learned a lot over the past year or two and I am sure I still have yet much to learn.
I have always enjoyed playing security, so many times I have had amazingly wonderful interactions with the crew and antagonists, although much of my experience of security had me dealing with self antagonists or simply misinformed new players I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Most of my shifts as security begin with me simply ensuring that no officers need assistance with something, and organizing the departments so that my team are capable of finding anything that they may need whatever the scenario. From this, I earned a quite fond nickname “Tables” for my slight addiction with expanding the tables so that organization is much better within our workspace! My experience as an officer has taught me some minor organization can completely shift the experience I and my other officers experience. I adore security as a role, and despite the hard shifts and tons of stress, I have experienced as security has never made me shy away from the role.
Security is at the forefront of ensuring the crew has fun, and nothing means more to me than that.

Answer two or more of the following:
What advice would you give to other sec players?
Our role as security has many responsibilities, but the most important one I notice officers often ignore is how big a role we play in how enjoyable a round is. Our role as security is to first and foremost ensure the crew is having fun and then to ensure that fun isn’t harmed by toxic players or overly hostile antagonists. As security, we should do our best to deal fair punishment to anyone we deal with to ensure the crew’s enjoyment, and hold ourselves to that standard we give others.

What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
Ah! Although there has been a lot, I think one of my most enjoyable experiences as an officer was dealing with a geneticist who was injecting people with the “S m i l e y smile” gene without consent. We caught him in the act and gave him a talking to before bringing him back to security for interrogation and punishment. I wasn’t about to hand them a harsh punishment as they were a very enjoyable antagonist, and many people found the gimmick funny and harmless, so I carried him over to the brig bathroom and began a few short verses on getting consent. “What’s rule number one? Consent” and then I swirlied them, I repeated this a few times till they figured out to say the answer for me, at which point I responded “Actually that one was just for my enjoyment” laughing a bit before lecturing them for a second seriously about being more respectful with injecting people with genes. Be lenient with swirlies! They are great, though not viable for most interactions.

What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
I think my answer for this has been an extremely long time coming, Tables. I know it’s a stupid and iconic answer, but genuinely organization is extremely valuable to security, Whether that be pinpointers and disks being properly placed and aligned, or having an area for the assistant to gather copies of their amazingly funny tickets. Tables are probably the least featured necessity in security, despite how much they can add to the round as well as provide a small, but an important barrier against disorganization within the team.

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer. 
When I am the only officer on shift I act vastly different, often times this means I take a more active role within the station as you would expect a captain to. I will be extremely vocal on general communication channels and check-in with departments often to get information on any issues so I know who to keep an eye on as to get ahead of any issues. As a solo officer, I tend to take my role much more seriously and do my best to keep order and peace within the station.

Alternatively, when working with a full team I tend to be extremely vocal on security coms as to encourage my team to be vocal in return. Often I spend a good portion of the start of the shift preparing my team to have a good shift, Whether this is organizing pinpointers and tables, or setting up our toolbox to contain insulative gloves and a multitool for the eventually jammed door. I do everything in my power to ensure the team is comfortable throughout the shift and prepared for any eventualities!

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
Draw a picture!
[Image: unknown.png]

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): I have never been banned to my knowledge.
Overia is often one of the most organised officers on shift, always taking time to set up several tables for the (labelled) pinpointers and data discs of officers and assistants, and sometimes going further as to reorganise the equipment lockers onto tables, if it is a quieter round. They are incredibly communicative over all radios, reporting crimes or current happenings, or offering advice to others, and generally engaging with the crew over the general radio.

When I'm observing, or as an antag, I often see them take lead of the team if there is no HoS on shift, guiding newer assistants or officers on correct procedure and offering advice on appropriate punishments, whether it be ticketing, a joke punishment, interrogation, or brigging.

My only advice is to continue to maintain a level head, and not let anger get to you, as you mentioned before how you struggled with this. I however, have never seen you as anything other than level headed, even when you're overly stressed.

I would be delighted to see every Armoury reorganised as to resemble Donut 3's,
Always happy to see Overia join the round. A great officer, and generally just a cool person to be around. I can't recall any negative experiences and I know you deal pretty well with challenging problems. I think Thy's can take up the red beret. Love the draw too! +1
on the fence. while I haven't really shared a sec team with you recently, many of my experiences when I did or just seeing you as a secoff in a round consisted of you disregarding your responsibilities in some form, or trying to prioritize unrelated gimmicks when there were ongoing issues that sec needed to handle

I don't think it's a crime to want to do unrelated gimmicks as sec - we're all here to have fun, after all - but I do worry about your ability to prioritize your obligations to the station as a member of security. the HoS is like THE person on the station that the rest of the station trusts to do their job. don't take this as a definitive -1 or +1, but keep in mind moving forward that the responsibility being the HoS necessitates is why it has a whitelist in the first place. and, hey, you may have gotten better about this already and I just haven't realized; the feedback from the actual sec mains is pretty glowing thus far
I see them around often enough and haven’t personally witnessed any red flags. I do know that as a non sec member if I tell them I saw something shady they will at least look into it instead of ignoring me so +1.

Overia is always great to see on the security team! Overia always does great at communicating and informing officers of the situation and whats going on, Overia is also very fair with punishments and also helps teach other officers what good punishments are to help make sure everyone is getting treated and processed fairly, they are kind and treat everyone fairly and are polite, no matter whether someone is antag or crew.
i feel Overia would make a great Hos!

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