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Lifted kalipl123 banned by tterc
Who banned you?: tterc
Byond Key: Kalipl123
Discord Username: gamer monke#2575
Date of Ban: - today
Specified Reason for Ban: Spaced a dying player off the radio station as a radio show host. When confronted about this, ignored the admin PMs and suicided. Well, if you don't want to talk about it ingame, appeal on the forums.
Ban Length: it said to explain myself on the forum
What led to the ban?: - i chose show host played a song then someone came in and microwaved something. Then gave him it and threw him out then I got an admin pm and panicked i thought he died so i suicided so i wont be able to do anything. then i saw he was still alive. I extremely fucked up. there was no hope and I didnt know what to say to admins. This is 100% my fault. 
Why am I appealing?: I want to return because I only played on this server and I dont want to switch to a different one. im gonna play goonstation on a private server to practice things to not be a complete dumbass if I come back
Which rule did you break?: - rule 1 and not replying to admins
Evasion Attempts: none
Lifted. Please don't ignore admin PMs next time, if you actually responded, the whole situation likely would have ended with a warning, not a ban.

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