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Callaghanrs banned by walpvrgis
Who banned you?: walpvrgis

Byond Key: Callaghanrs

Discord Username: callaghanrs#0183

Date of Ban: 1/14/2022

Specified Reason for Ban: Even if you're an antagonist, you're still expected to escalate your evil deeds and roleplay with the people you intend to harm. Silently murdering and attacking people isn't allowed on our roleplay servers, even (especially) when it's at lowpop, ok? You should know better by now with the number of RP rounds you have played, so I am applying an RP server ban; please reread our RP server rules and then appeal this on the forums to have it lifted.

Ban Length: Permanant - seek appeal

What led to the ban?: Rolled super lucky spy bounties right off the bat, got an emag and an old hunting rifle. Left the rifle in my closet and it was seen by the Captain early in the round so I ran away to avoid arrest. I was in the arrest records but everyone kept calling me by the wrong name or unknown so I didn't want to reveal my name by speaking on the radio. I kept trying to go back to the station and claim a bounty for a voice changer so I could taunt the crew over the radio but the AI was on point and kept bolting all the doors whenever I teleported back to the station. Eventually, the Captain called the shuttle early with a message to me and since my objective was to leave on the shuttle alive I returned to try to get to escape. When running to escape I passed the Captain and her vampire bodyguard and we had a battle that ended in the Captain being handcuffed and left behind while I emagged the shuttle to escape. Throughout this, I was too caught up in the combat or being overly cautious to talk to the Captain or crew.
[b]Why am I appealing?: I've played a lot of the RP server and enjoy doing RP things. I tried to get a tool to disguise my voice so I could RP more [/b]
 and I wouldn't have killed the Captain like that if it wasn't the very end of the round. I got caught up in an especially strong spy spawn and the fear of losing all my stuff in an arrest and I, unfortunately, played far more cautious and power gamey than I should have. It won't happen again. I'm fine playing on the classic servers for now but if I could at least get this changed to a temp ban I would greatly appreciate it.

[b]Which rule did you break?: Rule 10[/b]

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