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Denied Carbzuul banned by flappybat
Who banned you?: - flappybat
Byond Key: - Carbzuul
Discord Username: - Cabzuul
Date of Ban: - today
Specified Reason for Ban: - Reason: You have commited a laundry list of offenses for an AI. Read the AI rules. On base law set do not electrify airlocks, dispense all the monkeys, bolt random doors, change peoples genetics, deactivate the emitters, mess with APCs and overload lights.
Ban Length: -8.4 days
What led to the ban?: - I wanted to try out the AI character. I'm still new to space station 13 so im still geting use to the controls. I was just interacting with random things then sometime later i was banned. 
Why am I appealing?: - I wish to understand the rules for AI and other roles. I mainly ask other people in game for help but that only gets me so far. I sincerly wish to play the game and follow the rules. I just need to know where i can find the rules in game. 
Which rule did you break?: AI rule i assume since i was AI
Evasion Attempts: no
Evasion Attempts: no

Would you like to try this answer again?
If your refering to me attempting to log in from another account. if it is considered atempt in evading then yes i attempted that. from the way you questioned it i would guess, that what i did is atempt in evasion. i appolagize for attempting that.
With the extent of actions involved I have no interest in lifting this ban early.

You more or less did everything a default law AI should not do.
where can i find that information so i dont repeat my actions the next time i play as AI or any role
even if i did what a AI shouldn't do why can't i be givin a second chance i'm still new to the game
i dont know if you can check but i havnt caused issues with other roles i've played

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