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Who banned you?: - captainbravo
Byond Key: - temelcan1414
Discord Username: - I don't have discord
Date of Ban: - 3 hours ago
Specified Reason for Ban: - Scrambled someone's genes before throwing them back out into the hall for no apparent reason. I'd better not see you anywhere near Genetics when you come back from this ban.
Ban Length: - 7 days
What led to the ban?: - I was genetics scientist.Somone came and said can u fix my talking genes.I scrambled his genes.I thought its the only solution for it.He said noo it will kill me after I did that.I said use iodide.He was standing still doing nothing and he tried to open door and I opened door for him. I threw him outside for to go medbay.I m newbie.I really don't know too much.Admin didin't even pm me for it.Just banned me.
Why am I appealing?: - I m new and its really fun game.
Which rule did you break?: - Greifing
Evasion Attempts: - No

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