Mentor application- Millian Fletcher/NightmareChamillian
Usual character name: Millian Fletcher
BYOND username: NightmareChamillian
Discord username (if you are on our discord):

Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play:
Goonstation 1, Goonstation 4, exceptionally rarely Goon RP 3
Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):

In terms of game experience, I started playing in the September of 2020, and, admittedly, have played almost daily for the year and a third since I've picked up the game, for better or for worse of my time management. I've mastered engineering, security, almost all of chemistry, and all medical practices with the exception of a few surgeries. Furthermore, I'm experienced in using thinkdos, know some telescience, and have begun dipping my toes into secret chemicals and completing adventure zones. There are only two things I would like to improve knowledge wise: fully memorize all the surgeries, and have DWAINE/guardbuddy controls learned. I consider myself a seasoned veteran and there's no job I haven't played and played well. Lastly, very recently I have begun making quality of life improvements to the codebase and making Pull Requests of said changes to the discord, and being able to dig through the code and check the files themselves has given me even more insight into the game's mechanics and functions that the average player simply does not have.

As to why I'm applying as a mentor, I find myself often explaining the controls and how to do things to new players all the time and have served as the unofficial tutorial for countless people by now, and would like to be able to answer mentorhelps as well. Furthermore, oftentimes I'll have died and will see new people struggling, and the ability to spawn as a mouse and explain things to them would allow me to help more people, more easily. Being able to give back to the community and bridge the barriers between new people and their personal mastery of the game is a fulfilling task, and being an actual mentor allows me to do this with ease.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):

I have never been banned.
Oops, I somehow forgot to include the discord part, so sorry about that. I don't suppose I can edit the application, but my discord handle is: Millian#9630
Worked alongside Millan a bit in sec, Goon1.

Fun, enthusiastic, knowledgeable.
Can often be found meandering about in the halls, seeking out interactions with players, building things, making repairs to the station.
In any role they fill--though this often seems to consist of travelling hobo--they can often be seen helping players in-game, providing advice, and instruction.

Though I rarely Speak to Millan--and the last time I did so may have been nearly a year ago--I attest to having witnessed them display qualities as would be befitting of a Mentor.
While I wouldn't say they're the kindest, or most patient, Millan is one of those players that are just fun to have around. They try to make things fun, contribute as best as they can.

Though I don't have authority on it, I can recommend Millian as Mentor. +1.
I personally feel like I haven't seen you in a while, but that just might be because I'm a little burnt out, but I remember you were very friendly, and taught me the ropes of how botany works a while back. I'll give you a +1

Milli has helped teach me about several things in the past while I was learning more about the game, although we don't often seem to play at the same time these days sadly, I definitely remember having some help with botany in particular when I was learning that a while back.
Millian is on my "How did I get this before him?" list. He's been on this game longer (I think anyway) then I have and may very well be far more knowledgeable in it's more complicated stuff then me, and as may other people here have stated, he is more then willing to give someone a hand.

theyve been here a while, theyre pretty fuckin nerdy, +1
Knows their stuff, good presence and an all-round good player. While I can't attest to their teaching personally, they have a +1 from me.
Competent and helpful +1 from me
I've seen Millian be chill and helpful both ingame and outside of game (discord, github) a lot. I believe he'd be a fine mentor. Votin yes

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