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Lifted kalipl123 banned by grifflez
Who banned you?: - grifflez
Byond Key: - Kalipl123
Discord Username: gamer monke#2575
Date of Ban: few days ago
Specified Reason for Ban: Throwing a pipebomb and disconnecting before you can get into trouble. Explain yourself on the forum.
Ban Length: - it said to explain myself on the forum
What led to the ban?: I was pretty tired and i wanted to go to sleep so I quickly made a bomb and detonated it in the cafeteria then left the game by pressing alt + f4 and I went to sleep
Why am I appealing?: I want to return because I only played on this server and I dont want to switch to a different one
Which rule did you break?: - probably rule 1 / quitting the game after doing something bad
Evasion Attempts: none
Lifted. Don't do this shit again.

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