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Tama-Bee-chi and other Apiculture Ideas
These are just some ideas I had involving/relating to the apiarist/bee keeping/the art of raising bees! I'm not exactly a coding wizard sadly so I wouldn't even know where to start with them so, here they are!
(btw I'm not too knowledgeable on everything in the game so if I list an idea that already exist, my bad!)
General Beekeeping
Idea 1: Jr. Apiarist Hat

[Image: unknown.png]
One of the most basic ideas, essentially just a hand-made apiarist hat made with a cowboy hat and a net. Wanted to make something like this to make beekeeping seem more like a botany sub-class (especially since not every round has an apiculturist). Despite this the actually Apiculturist role gets fancy tools to make the job easier than it would be to do as a botanist such as-

Idea 2: Bee Smoker 

[Image: unknown.png]
Another basic idea, a tool that stores smoke to pacify bees, might be helpful if a bee strays away into danger and you need to grab them in a pinch. Having a tool streamlines it instead of having to find/make, light and puff a cigarette. This would be a tool exclusive to the Apiarist role.

Idea 3: Bee Whistle

[Image: unknown.png]
Another way to round up bees, a pikmin-esque whistle that will call bees to the whistler. (Some Bees will not be effected by this, such as NPCs/Special Bees/etc. More on that later.) This would probably be an item received via reward or by leveling Apiarist.

Idea 4: Bee Hive/Sticky

[Image: unknown.png]
This is just an easier way to get liquid honey, bees interact with it and store honey that can be harvested as a fluid.

As for sticky, it's an idea that if you get covered in enough honey you get a Sticky effect that causes any item you walk over to become stuck to you. The effect is lost when taking a bath/shower.

Idea 5: Swarming fat and sassy space-bee
[Image: unknown.png]
Have you ever seen the video of a hornet attacking a bees nest and then getting swarmed, overwhelmed, then killed by overheating via the hive of bees. Essentially that.

This effect occurs when something attacks a bee. The Attacker gets tagged with a negative Bee Pheromone, whenever the Tagged Attacker encounters enough bees (about 4 at least) the Bees will begin swarming them. When the bees get the attacker, the attacker gets slowed and body temp will gradually begin to rise (The effect scales with the amount of bees swarming, being more dangerous with the more bees involved).

The Bee Pheromone can be tracked by medical scanners and be washed off with a bath or shower.

Now for the complex idea.
Tama-Bee-Chi (Bee Tamagachi)
[Image: unknown.png]
The idea is called Bee Tamagachi because Tamagachi is the closest thing I could compare it to in my brain. It's basically a more in depth Apiarist system (or if Apiary is already in depth and I just don't know, a more document system idea).

It boils down to this: How ever the player treats the Bee Larva determines what kind've Adult Bee you get. These are determined by variables such as what you feed it, how much attention it gets, overall health, etc. The type of adult bee you get determines it's honey production, what kind've plants it might interact with (to give some personality), and what kind've traits it might bring out of plants via cross pollination (I like to think of it as a stat booster, it's the reason botanist might wanna grow bees in this scenario).

For example:
[Image: unknown.png]
(Sketches based off of bees from the bee.dmi)

Space Bee would be the basis of all other bees, if no other criteria is met, it becomes a basic bee. Will interact with all plants, will not boost any stats.

Rebeelious Bee happens when a healthy Larva Bee is completely neglected (No given food, no interaction). It prefers more risque plants (contraband, tobacco, weed) but will interact with plants if no preferred crop exists. It helps boosts a plants endurance, since RB only relies on itself. RB will also not be receptive to the Bee Whistle idea from before and takes more smoke to pacify.

Trauma Bee is result of a bee larva at low health growing into an adult. It acts as a wanderer, not really preferring or helping anything. It has low honey production. A warning against poor bee care. Trauma Bee is also not receptive to the Bee Whistle.

Big Bee is when bee larva is fed a lot of potent food, allowing it to grow big and healthy! It prefers edible crops, but will interact with others if no preferred crop. Big Bee helps boost potency in crops, since you invested in it with potent foods! Big Bee takes more smoke to pacify than Space Bee.

[Image: unknown.png]
(Sketches are originals by me, no based on the bee.dmi)

Honey Bee is the result of a larva being fed a lot of good honey! It prefers flowery plants, and won't boost any stats. Instead it produces more honey than the average Space Bee (however it's honey is more likely to have extra chems that need to be removed with it).
Flowery Bee is when a larva gets a lot of positive attention (such as dancing and flips). It also prefers flowery plants and boosts a crops' yield.

  That's about it, sorry that this thread is so long. If I get anymore ideas involving this I'll put them in the replies! Thanks! 

[Image: unknown.png]
(Based on sprites from Bee.DMI)

I don't really know the difference between Santa Bee and Deer Bee in the actual game currently. But in this scenario they're basically just Space Bees but their honey raises Christmas cheer.
These drawings are wonderful and these ideas are pretty solid.
These are some good ideas, and the drawings are very cute. I like the bee whistle one the most. I don't play a lot of botany but my impression was that making honey wasn't a very deep mechanic, so this might be a very welcome change.
Like these ideas, I attempted to sprite some stuff but my ability to sprite promptly fell apart. Here is whatever came from it if anyone else wants to try and sprite some off of it/change up the colors

I hate the forums I cant figure out how to get anything to embed and the [insert an image] button doesnt even work

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