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[MERGED PR] make option for reenabling the top menu easier to find
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About the PR
[Image: 149075494-1d635e76-288c-4648-a3c1-064fc138a3c9.png]
^ This one ^

Apparently people actually use this feature, so I changed things so that disabling the menu now gives an alert in chat that tells you about the existence of the button. The alert also has a link to reenable the menu, in case the disabling was an accident.
I also changed the anchoring on the menu button, so it should be less likely to be hidden behind other stuff.
You can see a video below.
Why's this needed?
We keep getting mentorhelps about how to bring the menu back, especially since the button to do so is often not visible without moving the screen divider further to the left.

~~I think hardly anyone actually uses this feature?
But I am going to put INPUT WANTED on this PR so you can yell at me if you do and we can find another solution!~~

Personally, I use this feature every game, though I don't know how many others are like me.
We get a lot of mentorhelps asking how to fix this, so..
Well, if there are people who actually use it, we can do something else, like writing something in your chatbox.

You have disabled the menu. To reenable it click the Menu button on the top right.

While also fixing the button to always show up, but that would be more work.^^

haha, just saw caro posted this exact same thing already on github

Made an adjustment to the existing hide menu functionality instead, let me know what you think!

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