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Lifted Ban Apeal - capitanbravo
Who banned you?: capitanbravo
Byond Key: Jachuu
Discord Username: - n/A
Date of Ban: - January 11 2022
Specified Reason for Ban: - Spawned as a late-join werewolf, mauled some people in arrivals. Logged of after being told not to do that by someone in game.
Ban Length: - Not specified
What led to the ban?: Just as a the reason says. I should have read the rules (or just thought logically really). I was told to not leave the server but i accidentally unplugged my phone with the internet router. 
Why am I appealing?: I really enjoy the server and it would be a shame to not have acces to it anymore.
Which rule did you break?: - Rule 1 (the part in red)
Evasion Attempts: None, unless you count disconecting from the server due to lack of internet.
Okay. Lifting this. Don't kill people in arrivals.

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