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Lifted naughtiusmaximus banned by tarmunora
Who banned you?: tarmunora
Byond Key: naughtiusmaximus
Discord Username: ScientistChokeMacaque
Date of Ban: 2 months i think probally 3
Specified Reason for Ban: Flamethrowering people as a non-antagonist, logged out when admin PMed
Ban Length: perma all servers
What led to the ban?: i was a bored miner who had a stupid idea of making a flamethrower and a even more stupid idea to use it on random people
Why am I appealing?: i miss goon roleplaying and unique features i was really new to ss13 and dumb now that i played more in others servers and learned how to not be a dumbass and roleplay better i want to try goon again
Which rule did you break?: Rule 1 Don't Grief. Rule 2 Listen to the admins.
Evasion Attempts: none

fixed it sorry for fucking up with the other post
cool beans don't do it again

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