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Unban Post
Who banned you?: grifflez
Byond Key: Ryking
Discord Username: N/A
Date of Ban: A few weeks ago
Specified Reason for Ban: Suiciding when arrested for some such on RP3. At the time your character's first name was also a slur against Italians. Feel free to explain yourself on the forum.
Ban Length: Perma as far as I can tell
What led to the ban?: I was a depressed incompetent chef and I wanted to call it quits for the night, so I coordinated with 2 other people to suicide for the round. At the time I didn't know I needed to clarify that with someone. I was not in captivity, nor was I ever in captivity. As for the name, my characters name was Guido, which was the first italian name to come to mind because I watched "Life is Beautiful" a few days before, and the main character's name was Guido. Even so, Guido is a general western european name, and I didn't know it had any negative connotation.
Why am I appealing?: I'm new to the game and I only got to play on the server only once or twice.
Which rule did you break?: I'm not sure, I guess rule 4, but I wouldn't classify using a typical italian name as my character name classifies as bigotry.
Evasion Attempts: N/A
Don't do it again. Ban lifted.

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