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Crank up maximum random event severity on RP
I'm loving my time on #3, but naturally the antagonists are a lot more muted and chill owing to the rules. A side effect of this, though, is that there's never really any disasters to roleplayt around, which I think would really kick up the ability for the crew to co-operate.

It'd be pretty neat if random events on RP could occasionally be more destructive when they happened. A heavier meteor storm here or there would provide a little change for RP to be a bit more disaster-RP every so often. A lot of my favourite RP moments is getting a ragtag team together to fix something going really wrong.
Yeah this is what I miss in rp servers, the sweet taste of chaos we have in first server. Struggle will enhance the story. Sometimes people die and you sometimes can or sometimes cannot save them. Sometimes radstorm or random intruders come and we see antags we havent see in long time or just a blackhole trashes the station. Yes they are bad things but they also creates problems for crew to overcome and become stronger together. Also more social interaction will be required when there is fixable hull breach in medical or when there is huge blob so security might need to coordinate with other departments and this can create more roleplaying opportunites.
Roleplayers are generally looking for a more chill experience, disagree with this... New events for RP would be cool I guess.

Dunno what that'd be. Something to make Engineering have shit to do would be cool, though.
I remember maybe azrun or someone else floating the idea of letting RP get the vampire TEG event. I'm personally unfamiliar with it so I don't know how dangerous it is, but it certainly sounds like something for engineering to handle.
with the (relatively) new reduction in rp antag numbers I'd be open to some more severe random events showing up from time to time. vamp TEG is one I'd enjoy seeing in action for sure

the main point of worry for me is that severe is being equated with Combat or Destructivity without nuance here. a lotta people who play rp do not enjoy situations where they have to left-click something really fast with a crowbar or they die. without event design that takes into account that people want to communicate and find clever solutions to things, and that also gives them the time and opportunity to do so, the concept can very easily be executed as More Major Annoyances That Get Old Fast
I think I want to kick off the event a couple more times to see if there are any aspects that make sense to tweak for RP (amount of grump to correct, time to resolve said Grump).  First time I triggered the event it was a treat to watch the confusion, chaos, and teamwork that came out of it.  Also the event relies on the responding crew to have access to the TEG (which for current populations seems like a non-issue).

I'd imagine most disasters by their nature are likely to be a bit more engineering focused but I do like the idea of the ragtag team coming together to save the station.  Some biological threats that can be counteracted by Science and/or Botany could be interesting... 

In regards to giving Engineering shit to do, I think that was what the whole point of the spatial interdictor.  It allows engineering to help mitigate a number of events for the crew. shrug
We already struggle enough with timely response to stuff like meteor storms and radstorms. Don't need more major events that everyone is too apathetic to do anything about.
I believe events can be really good, they just have to be, good events. Meteor storms, while good in theory, just hit maints and are never really a threat to be thought about + meteor shields are pretty frustrating when someone opens all the crates.

Radstorms 90% of the time just take out new players or AFK players, and dont encourage too much RP.

I wish I had some better idea, since I think RP could use some random events, they just have to be RP oriented
I think something simple like maybe lights going out across station or segment or other "minor" things that don't really threaten the station or players mortally might work for RP better. Following electronic issues, maybe having stuff like vendors suddenly breaking and spewing out contents for 2 minutes or stuff like that, things that gather interest and cause players to consider changing their current plans to work around, but maybe not force them to change them all too much.

(I love rad storm though, stuffing a bunch of people having different "storylines" in maint can be pretty funny)

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