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so i am trying to make a personal server and i am having trouble with that
so i am trying to make a personal server and the 'space station 13 wiki' says to go to '+secret subdirectory' and make a blank file called '__secret.dme' and i dont know what any of this even means or how to do it. there are no explanation on the internet (as far as i searched) so i will be very thankful if someone can explain what to do.

You can also use the initial_setup.bat file in the root directory, that should create the secret file for you.

If you have any other issues with this, you may want to go to the imcoder channel on the goon discord or something, that is probably more practical than doing something like this via the forums.
a blank file means quite literally a file with nothing in it named __secret.dme

it just needs to exist for the check to pass and then it gets ignored

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