Complaint Responding with "LMAO"
Admin decided to play the Madden gamemode, some people were unhappy, I called the gamemode retarded, admin responded me with don't call things retarded in our server, to which I responded Lmao.

This is a blatant mod abuse and overreach and I would like the exact rule that I was breaking when responding with a Lmao and what's the justification behind it being a 30 DAYS, according to this without even an option to appeal.
Which rule did you break?: According to the reason provided responding jokingly to a warning, which I guess is also a pretty serious offence given it was a 30 DAYS ban without even an option to appeal.

This is such a dangerous conduct coming with someone with such power it's the worst type of precedent that any mod could establish in a community.
If I broke the rules because I sweared calling the gamemode retarded and he thinks he should punish me he must, which he didn't.
If he's not ready for the user that got the warning responding with a laugh or even a joking manner then he shouldn't be servicing the community because that means the individual doesn't either have the mental stamina or the nerve to sustain such stress and is a timebomb waiting to explode with abuse towards anyone that he deems less than.

I can't stress enough how dangerous and worrying it is to receive a 30 days BAN without chance to appeal for an interaction such as this and I hope this has been an anomaly.
Since you don't seem to understand on a basic level why you should be reading our rules before even logging onto our servers, much less why you shouldn't laugh in the face of someone asking you to abide by them, I'm going to save myself and the rest of the administration the trouble of dealing with you for a while.

Feel free to appeal your ban in two years.

Sue me for banning this guy over an admin feedback post.

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