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Denied Ironnick3's Ban appeal
Dear Goonstation Administration,

i would humbly like to appeal a ban that I got given to me about a year ago, for some very inappropriate behavior.

i appreciate your time is valuable so I will get to it.

Banned by: studenterhue
Reason: If you're reading this, this ban is not actually permanent. You logged off before you could be talked to, so this ban has been applied to move the conversations to the forums. To have it lifted, please follow these instructions: Write an appeal on our unban appeal subforum ( to discuss this ban. Note that email activation may or may not be available - if not, you'll need to join the discord ( and ask in chat for an admin to activate your account. || General random grief, including punching people for no reason. Plus, calling someone a "faggot".

Ban Length: 
This is a permanent ban, you can't appeal this ban until 30 days have passed..

I would like to just start by saying I'm sorry. i know that hate speech is not okay. 

I sincerely want to make that point clear, my use of the "f" word was totally unacceptable. 

it was very wrong. I don't do that anymore.

when this happened, i was a very different, younger person, who had not realized the weight of my words and also had not realized how hateful and hurtful that word truly is. not to get to personal, but i have an older sister who recently came out to me as gay, and it breaks my heart to think of myself using that slur. i am truly sorry about that and still very remorseful.

now as for the griefing. this inccedent was in the early days of my ss13 experience, and coming from a lot of aggressive and quite honestly "low iq"games, i started to just make a nuisance and wanted to "get into a fight. i guess i used to just want to make my presence known, not realizing i was hungering for a real roleplay game, i went around just being a greytider essentially, just not a good player.

and then everything changed once i went and learned the game and made friends.

 oh, the stories I have now, of the good times. :')

I've learned the value of friendship, the love of being the clown, the absolute wholesomeness of saving a new friend from a recent accident or helping someone you don't know only to become buddies.  also my one of my favourite pastimes now? playing music for medical bay for morale. <3

I've found myself smiling for hours helping, caring, and enjoying the stations, now I spend my time either working as the clown (mostly), a detective, or sometimes a chemist on TG.

i love this game, and i want to be able to experience the amount of cool stuff your guys station offers, but I'm also really looking for a chance to just be apart of your guys community again.

i would cherish the chance to show you guys, that i can not only behave myself but be an upstanding member of your community.

i am very grateful for your time, and i hope you can consider me for re-entry onto the station one day.

of course the decision lies with you as it should, i appreciate the fact i can even appeal this ban.

thank you, and thank you for your time. smile

cheers. space bear
This is a nice appeal and all, but given your recent (emphasis on recent) history of self-antagging on other SS13 servers, I'm not very keen on lifting this. Actions speak louder than words, as they say.

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