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Ban appeal for FlexingHobo(#3832) banned by unknown
My IRC/Discord Username: FlexingHobo#3832
Date and time of the ban: [24th of December, 2021]
Who banned me: [unknown]
Message given in the kick, if present: You were banned from Goonstation | Constantly making jokes that break rule 2 (2. No explicit content) and generally being unpleasant to other players. Do not appeal this for a week 
Summary of events leading up to the ban: [I left the server by accident while in the middle of a conversation, so I joined back and said I left by accident in the channel I was originally talking in. After I talked about me leaving by accident and losing my roles in the same channel I was in, someone commented something negative about me leaving but it was light and mostly a joke, so I decided to make a mom joke in response, after that I said another mom joke randomly to someone for no reason and then within a minute or so of my second comment I got banned.]
Why I should be unbanned: [I'd like to start off with saying that I won't be making jokes like those again seeing as some people would deem that as explicit content which I had no idea of. Second off, I'd also like to say that I didn't say I was doing anything explicit. I can't remember my first comment, but my second comment was something along the lines of their mother liking a bad boy. Finally, I'd like to say that nobody actually responded to my comments or took an issue up with me when I said them, and I only said it to two people and in the ban message it makes it seem as if I was doing it to a lot of people. All this talk seems very weird but I was on a Christmas trip and so I couldn't respond after they banned me and told me to wait for a week to make a forum and I almost forgot the entire situation based on how I was banned and how it was labeled. I enjoyed the information and opportunities I got from talking to other people who played the same game, and I was very surprised that this even happened, so I am asking for a look at my situation.]
I'm gonna say no on this for now. You don't seem to get/remember why you were banned; you didn't leave the server accidentally that first time, I kicked you for saying this to another player for absolutely no reason and with no context;

[Image: unknown.png]

When I asked what you meant by that, you replied with a trollface image so I kicked you. You then immediately rejoined, and did it again to someone else, despite other users in the chat clearly being uncomfortable. I also don't appreciate the obnoxious negativity and attitude you have towards other players (in that you will reply out of the blue telling people that what they like or how they play is apparently incorrect, including doing this to admins).

Come back with a new appeal in a month or two and I will consider lifting this. Keep in mind that if you enjoy the info and opportunities given by being in the goonstation discord, then we expect you to treat other players in said discord with respect too.

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