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Food coloring item
I would LOVE a food coloring item for things like pills and drinks. Very useful for the rule of cool.
I believe the generally accepted wisdom is that being able to see the color of the mixture in a glass or beaker is mechanically important. It cuts down on incidents of "I asked for a whiskey on the rocks and got served dragon's breath", since while most people don't memorize the hex codes of every chemical or whatever, most people wouldn't just slam down a neon-red "scotch" either. That being said, there's still plenty of wiggle room to serve people a vaguely brown mix of garbage without alerting 90% of players that their "scotch" is jenkem and moonshine (I'm just assuming those two come out as vaguely the color of dark alcohol). Food dye, I feel, would disrupt this balance.

The secret chem "disguiseium" might let you mask the colors of chems in addition to its effect on scanners, and there's always the option of heavily diluting your mixture, but the first is a tough to make secret for a reason, and the second costs potency in exchange for the color difference.
if you fix the paint vendor and color things smartly you can kind of badly do this

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