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Buff Syndicate Borger
Syndicate borger is underused and is 100% reliant on permaroguing the AI, which isn’t entirely the most fun. It should dispense syndicate frames, however this would make it basically a stronger version of the mindslave cloner, since it has infinite uses, and the subject doesn’t have to be dead. So it should also be more expensive to roughly 7-9 villainous doubloons.

Tell me what you think.
Maybe make it dispense syndie frames but it requires mats to function
Give it a built in signal jammer which is active whenever the unit is occupied

Make any borgs produced have their lawset fixed in place at the time of them entering the pod, regardless of resets after they leave
I feel like syndie borger is in a weird place, it's very awkward to use currently and definitely needs some kind of buff.

I feel like forcing the roboticist to rogue the AI to make their expensive (and obvious to most experienced players) syndie item even begin to work for them, then have to actually get people into it with all the hassle involved is a bit much, not to mention unrogued borgs ratting you out and so on. I'd say a cost of maybe 8TC so you can't use it with a sleepy pen and syndie borg laws for anyone converted would be a good solution for mass producing a syndie borg army in a more obvious but faster way.

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