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discord ban appeal
Discord User: vyshyvanka
Date and time of the ban: 10:48 PM (Arabian Standard Timezone)
Who banned me: Unknown
Message given in the kick, if present: make an appeal when you'd like to explain what that "meme" of someone singing the happy birthday song while someone else explains how they were groomed was. or don't, because if that's your idea of humor you really don't fit here
Summary of events leading up to the ban: Unsure, I wasn't logged in at the time before my ban. So far I recall that nobody reacted to what I posted.
Why should I be unbanned: i had been told to explain the meme so here goes. the duet has nothing to do with the topic of the original post, and that it is just funny/dumb how someone would make a video, that has nothing related to the topic in question. that main topic being, grooming, and is a very serious issue. while the happy birthday song, seems really to be out of place, so its funny due to being weird/unlikely

the video can be perceived as ridicularizing victims of sexual abuseĀ and i get that. but the reason why it was funny because it is completely out of place and the duet is almost an antithesis of the main topic

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