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Suggestions about borgs
Making borg chat actually readable and stand out in some way would be a fantastic idea. I've honestly got no clue why it's the way it is currently but I never even touch it because I don't expect any fellow silicons to be able to notice it.

However, I feel like medical equipment should primarily be kept for human docs rather than borgs, as to keep medical doctors and medical borgs unique with their own strengths and weaknesses.
(01-05-2022, 11:09 PM)Mrprogamer96 Wrote: not really, a good borg doctor can do basically everything a human can.

I see someone hasn't performed an ass transplant surgery with one hand while playing the saxaphone with their other.
Totally in favor of making silicon chat stand out more, I'm sure we're all familiar with the issue of people not noticing messages in there.

As far as clickdrag? I don't really see a legitimate problem that it solves because I also don't view people dying in the game as a problem to be fixed unless it involves exploiting game mechanics in some way. I feel like, given everything medical borgs can already do, the already existing limitations are acceptable.

I seriously can't recall the last time I was unable to save someone as a medical cyborg with essentially infinite meds where a sleeper would have been the lynchpin in saving them.

As far as cyborgs and cloning goes, I'm in favor of keeping things the way they are right now. I'm concerned about the downstream affects of a change like this. Human doctors already have massive downsides compared to medical cyborgs and genetics already lives on a bit of an island in terms of interactions. Having to ask for help, even though it can be an inconvenience, does have some affect on driving interactions between players.

Part of the experience of playing the game, as I see it, involves experiencing frustration and annoyance at the incompetence or passivity of individual crewmembers. The more we push towards allowing individual players, regardless of role, to perform tasks outside of their chosen roles without requiring interaction with other players/departments the more we trivialize the roles themselves.

Yes, dealing with incompetence is frustrating. But the only way I know to eliminate that is to completely throw away everything that leads to that frustration, in particular our completely reasonable expectations for other members of the crew. And going in that direction requires us to either embrace a culture of apathy or generalize everything to the point where we never need anyone else. And I don't think that's healthy.
Something like a unique font, maybe some chat sound like beeps and boops too
[Image: retro-computer-font-character-map.png]
(01-07-2022, 09:39 PM)Frank_Stein Wrote: Something like a unique font, maybe some chat sound like beeps and boops too
[Image: retro-computer-font-character-map.png]

The colour should definitely have some kind of contrast with other chat messages too, that's the main thing that helps messages stand out in chat. Having silicons able to much more easily coordinate themselves would be amazing, and really add to the feeling of a sort of mechanical hivemind working together, I really, really hope this gets pushed through as it's one of the biggest issues I have with playing silicons atm.
Id personally like to see robotics chat become more secure, this could be done in several ways such as warning silicons when theres a human listening in, just removing them from manufacturers, AI being able to short out robotics talk implants disabling people from hearing in them, etc. While I rarely see it used nowadays, remember it being very frequently used in the past, and its the chat for silicons not the chat for silicons + 5 people.
Making it so humans talk without the font I think is a good way of "Oh shit, there's a human listening in" type deal
Ive seen people be silent then AI gets rogue and they snitch and that doesnt feel great, some automatic warning message when a human gets implanted with it like: organic unit interferance detected, would be good.
Not too hot on borgs being able to push and shove people into medical devices, mostly because personally i feel playing a borg is supposed to come with some limitations. Even less so for Medical Borgs because in certain aspects they feel like they've got the upper hand to organic doctors.

But 100% on board with making Silicon chat more visible! The amount of times me or someone else have missed a message from the Silicon channel because it's a basic italic white font. I think allot of the ideas put out by other people here are really good.

(01-07-2022, 09:39 PM)Frank_Stein Wrote: Something like a unique font, maybe some chat sound like beeps and boops too
[Image: retro-computer-font-character-map.png]

Really good idea, in fact i'd even go as far and say this is a pretty neat idea to implement in general for Sillicons, having them have a different Font regardless of channels seems neat and perhaps the hover/overhead text aswell? And yeah absolutely a little sound notification, like people get with any departement radio as the Silicon radio is essentially a borgs/AI "Departement Radio" so to say.
I think changing the background colour for robo chat would be enough to make it distinct and give it it's own personality.

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