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Denied Perm Ban Appeal [banned by ursulamajor]
Who banned you?: - Ursulamajor
Byond Key: - FIREBIRD44
Discord Username: - Not a member of the discord server
Date of Ban: - Roughly a year ago? Don't remember exactly.
Specified Reason for Ban: - Multiple rule 4 violations all round. We need to talk about this. "Sip from the cum chalice", "Quartermaster pedophile?", " :g we wouldn't want those allegations about you guys beating up that black man getting out now would we?", "How is the child sex trafficking operation going?
Ban Length: - Permanent
What led to the ban?: - Roughly a year ago I was fairly new to the game and had little experience on goonstation. I was playing the radio host role because it was an easy job to learn and play. I decided to use my ability to broadcast to anyone to try fucking around by roleplaying as the kind of radiohost that stirs fabricated drama. Such as telling my listeners that the quartermaster was up to some naughty stuff (all within RP).
Why am I appealing?: - I was still learning ss13 and hadn't gotten into the habit of reading server rules at the time. I said the things I said in game as I tend to have a dark/inflammatory sense of humor although this does not excuse what I did. I want to try goonstation again as I did have fun in the short amount of time I played on it. I've been fairly active on Fulpstation the past year which has a similar ruleset and haven't had any major run-ins like I've had here. I apologize for what I said and hope to be given a second chance on goonstation.
Which rule did you break?: - Rule 4
Evasion Attempts: - Yes, a handful of times. I didn't notice I could appeal the ban and since it was permanent I felt it was the only way to be able to play on here again.

Incase you need to know what my discord is regardless of whether I'm a member of the goonstation discord server, its FIREBIRD44#9760
bump again
Is the guy who banned me still active? If not could another admin review my ban appeal? Sorry if I'm coming off as being impatient.
Appeal denied.
(01-16-2022, 04:21 PM)UrsulaMejor Wrote: Appeal denied.

Could you at least tell me why? From the other ban appeals I’ve read it seems people typically get their bans lifted after some time has passed and they seem to genuinely respect the server rules from that point.
Is there anything I can do to eventually get this ban removed in the future?

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