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Make making more AIs harder
Im tired of every single round being 5 AIs, more then two AIs straight up ruins any fun I can have out of a round as AI, and personally I prefer 1. Literally every single round Ive been on today has had more then 3 AIs. With every single round being 5 Ais it becomes a mess with AIs constantly stepping on each others toes and all fun gone from a round. Personally theres two ways I see to go about this.

Make the process of more AIs harder, this could be through making it require mining mats for example. While I think this approach would work I dont think its the best approach, it makes replacing a gone AI more difficult.

Have the original AI have a say in the matter. Upon construction of AI a popup is sent to the original AI saying "An additional AI unit is attempting to control the station, do you wish to grant that control?" If they choose no the brain gets sent out of that AI unit alongside a message from the AI unit, If they choose yes the other AI gets to play as normal, if they dont answer the popup in 20 seconds its counted as them saying yes (this is for AIs that go afk). Id prefer this method as it doesnt interfere with things like making spontaneous intelligence AIs on lowpop when theres no roundstart one.
tough. ive sometimes had to rush-create an AI to emergency call when antags cut every damn cable, so im inclined against this tbh. Maybe option 2.
2 would still allow that without any issues, also you can ahelp people who do stuff like prevent shuttle calls
+1 for option 2, I think asking the current ai is a great idea.

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