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hos application-the unnoticed
Notes: Its 2 am when im wirting this my mind is broken compare judge the security experience part with my sanity.

Usual character name: The Unnoticed
BYOND username: Crazy-LTU-133
Discord username: nut#3649

Reason for application:
1. The usual server i play on is mostly chill, but when its not theres not enought people the authorize armory.
2. Security is usually not the most coordinated, and when i try to coordinate them i just cant. Not even a sec-ass listens to me.
3. I need feedback

Security experience:
I had my first security round as soon as i could. At the beggining i was very much worthy of the shitcurity title, i would arrest a staff assistant for hitting the clown but hide in the contraband locker when there was a man with a gun outside of security; i would buy a wavegun without any knowledge because it looked cool, i wouldnt buy donuts because i didnt know they were so helpful, so my loudout was the most random and unbalanced. Also i would space my cloning disk and weapon pinpointer because the disk can be used to revive you and the pinpointer is trash.
Later i changed a bit. I was teached by the hos that the disk can be used to clone you, that i am ment to take the shots and protect civilain lifes, that there are special attacks/functions of weapons when you far click on disarm/harm intents which i still didnt use unless to disorient a perp in close range so i can stun-baton him and not myself. My loudout started to be more balanced and better, i started labeling my pinpointer and leaving it on securities table and i started buying donuts. At this point my loudout looked like this:
a taser and baton
crowd dispersal.
My tactics evolved as well, now i started using the barrier for its passive damage reduction; i would stun people with the taser, come up to them and stun baton them only afterwards; i started using my flash more often(but not by alot), either to prevent my baton from being stolen or to discourage cloaked people coming near me; and after a perp escaped my sights i would follow open doors, if the doors stopped being open i would either check the bushes/disposal pipes or ask the ai to track the person.

Then i moved to goon 2. I was already a little burnt out but i fastly started improving to the solo sec-off life. I started taking the forensics scanner off of the table; setting up the flashers; instead of the taser i started experimenting, a few rounds with waveguns, a few with shotguns and then i started using the taser smg. I quickly realised that the power cell from the vender is self recharging so i started using it in my weapons. From experience i learned that the self recharging cell isnt optimal in the stun baton. That experience being valueble, making me realise that admins are only human and a few more things. So after a month later my shift start started looking like this:
spawn, put the cloning disk onto the table, clear my inbentory of usless junk and put the money into the box, get a barrier(1), taser smg(2), baton(3), self recharging cell(4) and donuts. Put the self recharging cell into the taser smg, put the old cell into belt, put a robusted donut(5) into my belt, take the forensics scanner(6), put it into my belt and take a disperal/flashbang. Label the pinpointer and place it onto the table. If theres no forensics scanner replace it with another donut/grenade. After that go into the closest maint tunnel and take a gasmask, put an emergency oxygen tank(from box you spawn with) into your pocket and grab a crowbar. Go back into security, put on the insulated gloves and set up the flashers. My default mode is a combination of checking the cameras, patrolling high risk areas and in maint tunnels, checking disposals, often gaurding high risk of attack areas like medbay. When im not doing one of these ive usually witnessed something gruesome and am saving a person(bringing him to medbay after an attack); chasing a perp; going to the closest computer that has secmate to set someone to arrest; investigating crime.
My combat tactics also have changed. If ive been sleepy penned stung i send an alert/scream over the radio, eat a robusted donut and plop down teargas; when i tased someone and get close to them instead of putting away my taser smg and bringing out the baton i tase them two more times and only then bring out a baton, cuffing them; im always on disarm intent; if someone has powerful a gun i try to tase them and use the gun against them/use the barrier to deflect their shots again using their own weapon against them.
And now i started to try and teach newer sec-offs(which usually dont exist). Due to me often playing sec-off ive become burnt out and am taking a break.

Answer two or more of the following:

1. What advice would you give to other sec players?
Anwser- treat antagonists fairly, dont ruin their game in the first 2 minutes of the game; leave your cloning disks and pinpointers on the table.

2. Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
anwser- when part of a full security team i am not the one patrolling, rather im the person gaurding security, checking cams, setting people to arrest. The reasons are simple, im very easily overwhelmed by information; if its a full security team its high-pop(goon 1) and i tend to have an fps drop when even shooting my taser smg.

As a solo sec-off i try to utilize the ai, sometimes even demanding it to allow me to change its laws. I often ask it to track people and send beepsky with his friends to them; im much more likely to respond to calls for help; im alot more sacrificial; i take the insulated gloves and grenades; i coordinate with other departments (like medical, mechanics or science) to do things like set traps, make the antagonists life a living hell and keep good morale(not recently due to burnout) if possible.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

1. Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
this poem is made by me a few months ago:
A happy face

A happy face is all he is,
dont mind the blood hes colored with...

A happy face and weak physique,
its like hes ment for being meek

A happy face is all you see,
when he treats himself with human meat.

Previous bans: 

I forgot to mention, i play on goon 2
whats your character name
(12-30-2021, 03:34 PM)Froggit_Dogget Wrote: whats your character name

Usual character name: The Unnoticed

also please ignore this application its very shit, extended and needs fixingm Ill do a proper one in around 6 hours

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