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Feedback Walp / Bill / Studenterhue / Sick Ness / Sord + Mentors Jan / Retrino - Spacemass!
This round was absolutely incredible! I am so unbelievably happy with how this all went together! The sheer amount of effort and genuine kindess from the Admins and Mentors to make this fun event for us is just genuinely amazing. I'm going to remember this round for probably the rest of my time playing this game.

Seriously, I can't express this enough for how much I loved this round! Thank you all SO SO SO MUCH!
i agree! Thanks so much with the fantastic spacemas round! the chapel and music was amazing! and very wholesome! really enjoyed the round! you all put in so much effort and work to make the round amazing! and it really was! thank you all so much!!! what a great end to the year!!
the round was an absolute delight, I had a great time both mingling with the other partygoers and trying to blow it to kingdom come as a nukeop! excellent work on the decorations, music choices, making people's Spacemas wishes come true, and just generally ensuring that everything ran smoothly! had a ton of fun, and I applaud all the hard work that went into it big grin
D'oh, forgot to add on my discord ping that Sord helped a bunch too, so add them to the list! TwT Glad everyone had fun, it was a blast to help run the round too!

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