HoS application - Osmosis Jones
Usual character name: Osmosis Jones
BYOND username: ImJustAStrangeMan
Discord username ImJustAStrangeMan#8701
Recommended by Duke Nukem, Harrison Walker
Goon servers you play: 1/2  and 3 every now and then

Reason for application:

I often find that the Head Of Security helps bring a certain sense of organization and accountability to the Security team. They are the key piece in said team being effective and I think I could help fill that role. Every shift is unpredictable and each Security team can be unpredictable as well. Sometimes an officer is new and could just use some guidelines on how to better work with the team. Other times you have a conflict between two officers and it is good to have an authority figure to break up said conflict. Every department needs a head of the department to help guide them along and security is no different. It is because of these reasons and my time playing as a security officer that I feel inclined to apply.

Security experience (300-word minimum):

I started playing Goonstation in August/September of 2020 and as soon as I could I started playing the security role. Often in late joining, security is one of the free departments with open spots so naturally wanted a job I joined. My biggest weakness back then was my lack of familiarity with the role and with the culture of Goonstation. I never asked for advice or help and I was not a great communicator. Playing as a security officer was what ultimately led to me getting burnt out of goon entirely before December. I feel this was a major mistake because before I even really was familiar with the game and the community I threw myself at one of the most challenging roles.

Around January/February I would get back into Goonstation and this time I decided  I would try and learn most of the jobs on the station. I still played a few rounds as an officer a week(like maybe 4-5) but now I really took the time to learn other jobs and the community around them. I found that this really helped me to become a better officer because I now knew more about the station I protected. It also gave me an idea of how it felt to deal with officers who needed to rethink how they played the role. I took that frustrated feeling and I tried to turn it into motivation to be a better officer.

It was around late June when I decided that I wanted to start really working on my act and apply for Head Of Security. I knew the applications were serious because of the implication the role can have on a round, so I took the time to watch other officers I knew were good and other Heads Of Security. I began really reading the wiki to understand the tools an officer has and I asked plenty of questions to familiarize myself with the role even further.

This takes me to today where I play a decent amount of roles a week as an officer. I also try and get in some rounds as other command positions as I feel command experience can be invaluable to being a Head Of Security. I still have much to learn but I feel confident in my ability as a security officer.

Answer two or more of the following:

What advice would you give to other sec players?

I have created an acronym to help both new and somewhat experienced players on the security team.



Spend time learning the job and the culture of the station.

This goes without saying yet often needs to be said. I often see players rush into the role without taking time to learn the said role. This is why the security assistant job is great and I would recommend it to anyone interested in security.

Enable yourself and the crew to have a good round

The power and authority you have as a security officer are great and it is important to understand that power. If you are aware of the impact you can have, you can make a conscious choice to be a positive influence on the round and not the fun police.

Control your responses and try to see things in the eyes of others

When playing security especially on server 1 you can often get overwhelmed very easily and make rash decisions. Sometimes these choices are necessary but it is important to still understand the impact you have. Always try and lean towards the side of fun while still sticking to the rules.

What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?

My first recommendation is to make PDA messages slightly larger and more noticeable. This would obviously not just apply to sec but have an impact on anyone with a PDA is import. I feel this would be valuable to security because sometimes it can be hard to catch and PDA messages and they can often be very important. Some examples of an important message would be a death alert of a security team member, and a message to the security department.

My other recommendation would be to bring back the medkit to the security weapons vendor. My reasoning is it would allow officers to heal not only themselves but others with ease. An officer’s job should not be to kill everyone who breaks the law but to help the crew and apprehend criminals and antagonists with as little harm as possible. Although you can use the security donuts for this task the medkit would make it much easier to heal and help others in times of crisis.

This is a small one but I think the security training trait should include the ability to see what reagents are in donuts. This would allow officers, especially those with medical knowledge to better use the donuts provided to them and in the vendors.

Lastly, I think thermal goggles and gas masks should be added to the security weapons vendor as well

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.

Pain - a limerick by Osmosis Jones

There once was an officer named Osmosis

Whos enemy was a clown called Mitosis

He farted on the clown

Which caused them to frown

And such is the tale of Osmosis

Draw a picture!

Title: The Gang

[Image: TheBoys.png]

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):

A few warnings and no bans that I know of

space bear Thank you for taking the time to read my application! I love to see feedback and recommendations if you have any. Have a great day!  space bear
Really well-structured application. Great officer, fun guy, I know I can trust him when I play HoS and I see him on my team. Also, this is one of the best HoS artworks I've seen yet.


They are an excellent officer with great experience. They know when to be lenient with the crew and antagonists alike, and I always find them keeping a level-head. I think they're a joy to have on the team, and I wholeheartedly believe they would be a good fit for the beret.
FUCKING YES, he is a lad that i really trust and always has been a good sec officer when we play together so i trust him to be HOS and also cause he is a fun dude +1
Played alongside Osmosis Jones often. Steady secoff, not one you have to worry about.

Keeps in near-constant communication with the team, displays decent leadership.
Decently Experienced, tries his best to arrive where needed and counter enemies of the station.
Haven't seen instances of abuse, or worrying behavior in general.

I'd like to ask that you do visit the briig more.
Ensure prisoner sentencing is in compliance with Space-law, intervene when necessary.
Discipline the team; Act in behalf of the crew.

+1. I do believe Osmosis Jones is capable of Security Leadership.
+1 from me, Jones is honestly a secoff I see completely no issue with handing him HoS.

PS: Is the NTSO supposed to be me?
(01-04-2022, 09:29 AM)Mysticmidgit Wrote: PS: Is the NTSO supposed to be me?

Uhhh maybe subconsciously lol, I kinda just did what was easy to draw
Really fun player, VERY VERY robust, seen it myself. Knows the ins and outs of the game and is very knowledgeable. +1 from me.
i fucking love that art
Yes - Osmosis has a pretty level head and often comes across as one of the reasonable elements in a sec team.

It is also impossible to say no with that art, damn.
When i was messing with stuff in my pda, come by and said how are you doing said he spoke nicely, even i'm not a fan of security i like him +1
I'd support this. I've only played with Osmosis in recent weeks, but of those rounds he's always been a good sec officer in terms of being knowledgeable, fair, and a sec officer who you know is doing the right thing on their own/can be well independent. Also, he keeps good communication in keeping up with security chat, and you can rely on them when in a situation that requires a team effort. Pretty much what others have said.

I had my reservations but I've seen Osmosis be pretty fair to antags and have a good mind of letting them have fun and knowing when it's time to stop them before they cause too much damage, as well as care about the station in general when not Security. I support this one.
theyre a good fella, so yes +1
Good player, fair to antags, good seccie. +1

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