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SUBJECT FILE - Watching-1000-Stars
Image: [Image: JIniZwj.png]
Quote(s): “I AM NOT SOUR!”, “I cannot wait for the past, the future is now, and the present is already gone!”, “Insanity is subjective, and I am 100% insane…. wait what does that even mean?”
Subject name: Watching - 1000 – Stars
Theme(s): N/A

ENTER PASSWORD: [**********]
Employee #: 519-265689 
Employee Name: Watching-1000-Stars

Physical Description:

Age [   ͍͛2͎͂͐4͉͉͇͒͂=∞ ]
Species [ SAURIAN ]
Subspecies [ Data Expunged ]
Blood type [ AB- ]
Build [ Extremely tall and slender]
Clone Count [ Data Expunged ]
[ Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, SCD (Social communication disorder), and mild cases of Psychosis ]
Distinguishing Features:
[ Head: Subject’s head is completely encased in an armored carapace which does not seem to reflect light from its dark surface. The carapace seamlessly incorporates itself into the subject's teeth producing a featureless mouth that opens akin to a beartrap. It’s been noted that the subject does not need to open their mouth to produce sound as the carapace appears to transmit vibrations. Further tests conclude that the carapace is made of [Redacted]. Most notably there appears to be several cracks and divots upon the carapace glowing a deep cyan and occasionally letting off puffs of a cyan colored [Unidentified] gas. Subject eyes seem to be further along their head appearing to be almost next to its nostrils. The carapace near the subject’s neck splays into several softer spike-like antenna, two of which function as the subject’s audio system (point backwards towards the body) ]

[ Body: A visible skin level augment consists of six cyan glowing rings upon the subject's sides. Two appear upon the subject's neck (5 cm), two appear upon the sides of the subject's rib cage (20 cm), and the last few appear upon the subject's hips (10 cm). Secondary note, the presence of several surgical scars is present upon the subject's torso and back purpose [unidentified]. Tertiary note on subject’s torso, 4 arm length size spikes grow out of Subjects back (shoulder blades, small of back). Spikes can easily be folded underneath subjects clothes without causing damage to said clothes. ]

[ Limbs: Subject’s arms are replaced with two mechanical appendages that mix with subject’s organics. These appendages end in claw-like hands which have been extremely dulled, possible connection with heavy signs of damage along appendages. Embedded upon the right arm is a ring symbol and the appendages seem to be longer than average. Strangely Stars wears a coil around his left hand's middle finger. While legs do not seem to be heavily augmented mechanically, biological tampering has been noted. As such the subject's legs function in a similar manner as digitigrade type legs; however, the subject can walk bipedally normally (claw-like feet). The final feature of note is that of the subject’s tail. Subject’s tail is extreme in length, almost comparable to its entire body length and about the same width as it’s torso with only the last few inches tapering down to a point. Along the tail a pattern of several plus sign arguments such as the rings can be observed. ]
Ethnicity [ Data Expunged ]
Eye color [ Cyan (glowing) {Note: Eyes have no discernable pupil, sclera, or iris as the entirety of the visible space is made up of one single sheet of an unidentified bioluminescent material} ]
Scale color [ Black (major) cyan (highlights) ]
Height [ 7’0’’ or 213.36cm ]
Unique Traits:
[ Due to the presence of the [unidentified] gas within and produced by subject’s body, subject is extremely volatile to any ignition burning for an extended time as his “ring” and “plus” vents are ablaze ]
Weight [ 226 pounds ]

Personal Information:

Alias [ Watching, Stars, Sour Lizard ]
Birthdate [ Data Expunged ]
Birthplace [ Data Expunged ]
Biological Sex [ Male ]
Gender Identity [ He/him ]
Current Residence [ Subject does not have a current residency; however, it’s been noted subject has hidden away and sleeps in different station’s maintenance hallways and closets ]
Economic Status [ Average à below average ]
Education [ Education provided by [REDACTED]
[ Subject seemed to have developed a hunger for organs to the point if they ever notice one, they will consume it in a timely matter ]
[ Subject has grown to spill their very thoughts the moment they are created sometimes speaking complete gibberish or mispronouncing words ]
[ Gravitates to anything chemical or pyrotechnical in nature to solve their problems ]
[ Likes to tilt their head when confused or questioning something ]
[ Attempts to use their tail as a third arm albeit clumsily ]
Hobbies [ Chemistry, pyrotechnics, paint, draw, SnS, and safely perform self-surgery ]
Marital Status [ ??Married to Leo?? (We watched the cams..... how just how?) ]
Nanotrasen Loyalty Index [ 25% | Subject has shown various signs of disloyalty; however, with the case of Nanotrasen’s control of project [REDACTED] they work with us for now ]
Occupation [ Medical Doctor, Medical Director, Chemist, Toxins Researcher, Roboticist, and Mechanic ]
Personality Traits:
[ Subject can mainly be described as chaos personified as different personality aspects change constantly. One moment the subject can be extremely happy and kind to others then they will be psychotically hurting that same person and raving mad. However, the subject is mainly a happy, slightly clueless, passionate, and excitable individual in most cases albeit being mentally unstable ]
[ Subject is extreme hyper fixative on the slightest of things going overboard for almost anything, but will then lose interest just as fast ]
[ Subject can mainly be called evil on the moral spectrum acting and talking in a way uncommon for most employees ]
[ Subject holds a thin line between being friendly and playful to being hurtful and rude, sometimes mistaking the two ]
Personality Type [ Unidentifiable ]
Previous Occupations [ [REDACTED] guard ]
Religion [ Worships the Void and Chaos (unsure if claims are true) ]
Zodiac [ Aquarius ]


Supplementary Information:

Admires [ The infinite landscape of space, the cherry on the top cake, himself, and explosions]
Likes [ Everybody, organs, neurotoxins, the big red button, and the Rain]
Dislikes [ Everybody, padded rooms, losing his tail, humans]
Fears [ Padded rooms, being human, the Metaphorical End]
Favorite Drink [ Warp ]
Favorite Animal [ Wolf Spiders ]
Favorite Color [ Cyan ]
Favorite Book [ Data Expunged ]
Favorite Film [ Every space movie and super villain movie ]
Favorite Scent [ Storms ]
Favorite Food [ People’s hearts ]
Favorite Plant [ Moss (just moss….) ]
Favorite Chemical [ Thermite ]
Favorite Star [ Subject’s own self ]
Favorite Celebrity [ Data Expunged ]
Favorite Gun [ The one quote, “That blows shit up” ]
Favorite Monkey [ Nana (approved) ]
Favorite Place to Shoot the Breeze [quote, “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?” ]
Favorite Restaurant [ The operating theater ]
Favorite Vacation Destination [ Nowhere ]


Medical Records:

Physical [ Due to the particular biomechanical nature of Star’s body cloning should be avoided at all costs, upon the death the subject's body should be shipped back to centacom stat. Dually note the presence of a flammable gas permeates Star’s body and open-sourced flames should be avoided. Also note the presence of such gas venting from Star’s tail and torso are relatively normal. However, if such gas is leaking from sources other than Star’s carapace, rings, or the plus shaped augments on tail concern should be noted. ]
Mental [ Star’s mental state is extremely unstable due to a multitude of reasons. As such Nanotrasen has ordered the administration of antipsychotics through-out a shift. Dually note this does not contain instability only decreases violent and animalistic tendencies ]
Notes [ Refer to Medical Report 11-A for further info on Star’s physical self and refer to Psychological Report 11-A for further mental information on Stars]


Security Records:

S.T.L [ Θ ]
Threat Type [ Data Expunged ]
[ 52 cases of first-degree murder ]
[ 3 cases of mass murder ]
[ 12 cases of destruction of property (pyromania and pyrotechnics) ]
[ refer to Addendum 09-276 for first recorded mass murder charge ]
[ Star's is a convicted mass murder and pyromaniac madman take needed precautions. Dually note stars has several biomechanical augments and takedowns should be fitted around such. Identified Stars by his bulbous tail and the dark armored head ]



Early Life [ Star’s early Whatlife can only be defined as completely and utterly normal. Grew up with botlaughableh parents with both being nothing but kind and loving to their child. No eviNOT TRUEdence of abuse, substances, or any negatives of the like surrounding Star’s family. It was by estimates extremely peaceful and a perfect place for a child to grow up into. Which makes the outcome ofAALL FALSE this life a very strange case. Around 9 years old he disappeared from all known records and questioning of his parents resulted in no clues in the how and why. They quote, “Are extremely worried anFollow the Starsd desperate to find their child”. Investigations on Star’s case ended when the bones of a nine-year-old saurian Poor not uswas found 2 miles away from Star’s home buried below a barn. DNA evidence was collected, and Star’s father was convicted for first-degree murder and his mother for being an accomplice… (Refer to Case File for more info) ] LIES!?

Reappearance [ Refer to project [REDACTED] files, Employee Logs, and Addendum 09-276]

NT life [ When Stars was first assigned to the NS class stations, he was met with wariness and confusion. This due to mainly his appearance and overall attitude and regular crazy actions he undertook. Few caused mass destruction or death and instead failed miserably granting a laugh to all who were present. However, after assisting his mentor Alyssia Eraeon who later became a good friend to Star’s normally collaborating with his insane actions in medical. Stars rapidly grew to know the regulars aboard his assigned stations. A few of these crew members include Rosie Roachman, Fern Barker, Trisha Florbit, Isabelle….(The list goes on). While his chaos never dimmed even while he was reassigned to a new class of stations Stars has rapidly grown to understand the assignments he was given. ]

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