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What does the ideal round look like to you, and how do we make ss13 fun for everyone
To me, it's a round where both sides contribute to the flow. Antags doing antag things or fun gimmicks, rather than just milling about and talking to people. Sec not murdering antags 5 mins in, but helping people and keeping the peace, later hunting antags and the action begins to ramp up. I'd rather have a quick, fun round than a 2 hour round because some nerds are in their corners doing their own thing and don't want the shuttle called to start a new round. Now if it's a 2 hour round because the entire station is working together on 1 project, such as making the engine go crazy or doing azones, that's different.
Any round where people do dumb funny shit is a great round, just not taking the game TOO seriously but still clearly enjoying their time. Things like an NTSO shooting Famine, lings using their powers to eat people who insult them and then transform to mock the poor soul would be pretty fucking funny. (I've seen the first, not the second.) Not to forget any round I get to bully the Genetics department! >smile

And yeah, as people said, powergamers bullying the antags is expected yet Really Fucking Annoying. The only things I remember from my early antag rounds on goon are players running up to me in maints as I do my thing and immediately finding some way to kill me where I can't fight back from it. I don't expect it to change, though.
(12-26-2021, 01:12 PM)Marc Wrote: when i was new and learning everything i appreciated a good 1-hour round where i could explore genetics, mining, etc... 

nowadays though i find myself more allured to a quality ~30 minute round with tons of death and absurdity, map rotation help keep it fresh. 

SS13 is so open ended, you have roleplayers, you have shitters, you have sec players who hold their position in huge regard, you have people that just want to be the best at whatever mechanic is their favorite and learn all the secrets. 

How do we make everyone happy? It's a huge balancing act, you nerf one thing and you ruin it for others, you add a new mechanic and now the sec players are pissed they can instantly get turned into a toilet with legs or something

I enjoy a round with a mix of things, plenty of rp, hilarity, but most importantly: no tiders. I despise tiders with a passion.

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