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something needs to be done about greytiding
There's a pretty damn big gulf between "utopia" and "virtually indistinguishable from Ass Day".
Quote:try to be a positive and compassionate example to new players.

Wisest words here.

My take on Security's role:

It isn't your job to catch and arrest the antags. Your job is keeping everyone safe, and you can and should let the antag go when it means keeping everyone safe.

On a meta level, you're the straight man. You're Hank Hill. You're Principal Skinner. You're Abbott and everyone else is Costello. You're there to help other people be funny and keep the joke going. Sometimes that means willfully ignoring that you know exactly who has the antagonist role because they haven't had the chance to get to the punchline yet. Sometimes it means pulling your punches. Imagine going to a boxing match where it was over in 10 seconds because one guy knocked the other out with one punch. You'd feel cheated of the experience.

I know it's easy for things to get heated, but remember we're all here to have fun, and there's a person behind every character.

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