HoS Application - NanoDano, The Awakening
(01-14-2022, 05:16 PM)Chayot Wrote: Gonna change my "Neutral" to a -1.

Played today for my first time in a long while.

Find a guy cuffed in disposals. Release him. HoS later wants him arrested, for breaking a Beepsky.
He is arrested by HoS, and presumably handed off to Pug Squire, as I then see Pug holding him. He's cuffed.

Pug Squire takes him into the Brig's Bathroom, Detective in Tow, strips him naked--clothes, headset, ID and all--then runs out of Security with him.

All the while myself, as a random-named player, am reminding you that you cannot take their headset, you cannot strip them naked. and should return their ID.
To which you replied by saying "We're just bullying him," later calling out "Bro those are RP rules." As far as I know it, space-law isn't RP rules.

Under Space Law's Arrest Procedure, points #4 and #5;
> ...Do not remove the suspect's headset unless they're being extremely annoying.
> ...there is little reason to strip them and put them in orange jumpsuits...

Sure, you can claim the reason you took the headset was because they were being annoying.
I did not observe them speaking beyond "please don't take my stuff", things of that nature.
Moreover, if that was truly the reason, it wasn't the reason you gave me at that time.

And Sure, someone can look at the top of space law and bring out how it says:
"Space Law is an in-character set of loose guidelines for playing security...
As a security officer, you are not absolutely beholden to Space Law..."
And Sure, again, as with before, you're "not wrong."
However, in spite of not being "not wrong," it is not conduct I would view as coming from an experienced player, let alone an HoS.

As I know it, he was not an Antag--he isn't listed as one in the post-round results--and as far as I know, his only crime was breaking a beepsky.
Maybe he did kill someone. Maybe he did try to bomb the station. I wouldn't know as you didn't communicate that to me. I only know he broke a Beepsky.
I don't know what you did with him. Needless to say, I didn't see him again for the rest of that round. Maybe I misread the whole situation, maybe I'm wrong.

Again, I do not believe Jerry/Pug Squire is malicious, Simply inexperienced. From what I saw today, woefully inexperienced. -1

I'm not going to go back and forth again with random posters in your thread--if you have a reasonable explanation for what you did, and want to say something, that's your choice. If someone wants to pick apart what I'm saying, that's their choice. Sorry that I'm being so thorough--to the point here it may feel unnecessary or strange--however I feel the need to do so, following the responses to my previous posts in this thread.

For context, the HoS decided to let me choose the punishment, I said something along the lines of taking his stuff, so thats what i did, then i gave him a swirly and baptized him at the chapel, while baptizing he wanted to biblefart so i let him, we both were having fun by the looks of it and he was warned many many times by the HoS
We really appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to the mixed community feedback. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 17 of March. For now, we encourage you to keep playing security roles, and to show that you are a positive presence in your security team!

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