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Discord ban appeal
My IRC/Discord Username: PeasantUnit (Mike Ligroris).
Date and time of the ban: December 05, 2021. 00:50 am (US east coast).
Who banned me: unknown.
Message given in the kick, if present: unknown.
Summary of events leading up to the ban: I said a swear-word* in-game and received an admin message asking me not to. I felt frustrated because this is the fourth time this week where I receive an admin message telling me I shouldn't use X word. All of these "warnings" were over minor things, which lead to the frustration of feeling like my behavior is being micromanaged, where I'm being treated like a middle schooler. I do not wish to play the game under the constant pressure of being concerned about an admin deciding to ban me because I said a word that is a "no biggie" to any mature adult. I tried to vent over in Discord, politely and without starting any drama, asking the why of this, because I truly do not understand it. My access to the server was then blocked and I was taken to a private chat with an admin, who told me that I am not allowed to ask why, I'm supposed to either accept or leave. I found that very toxic and stated so. The admin asked me to confirm that I understood the rule before allowing me access back into Discord. I ended up venting more, to him this time, and then I mentioned all of my "offenses", to show him that I do understand and that I'm keeping track of what Goonstation seems to deem unproper. The admin then banned me merely because I typed the words down, or so it seems, based on the little I could read before the entire thing disappeared from my eyes. I'd like to post the chat logs , or have any access to them really, but since all of this occurs in an automatically generated channel in the Discord server, I can't see it. In case this ban appeal is denied, I'd like to request at least a screenshot of the conversation and leave here the suggestion for the bot from the server to message the banned person with logs of the chat.

*I'd type the swear-word in here but that's part of the reason I got banned... For mentioning the offense...
Update: I spoke to a friend I made in the game and learned about the ERP menace. Since I am new to the game I wasn't aware of this, therefore to me the constant warnings from admins over little things felt absurd. I can understand now the reasoning behind these rules and I wish somebody, speciually the admin who handled my case, could just have told me so. After all, this whole ordeal began because I went to Discord asking the why of this. I'm not a jerk trying to stirr up drama, nor am I some creepy weirdo trying to ERP in the game, I was genuinely seeking to understand why.
Sorry for the very late response.

You didn't just say a "swear word", you said a word that is specifically listed on the rules page as rulebreaking. When I pulled you into a private conversation to tell you to stop going around on Discord asking "why can't I say this", you compared what I was doing to a "dictatorship", among other things.

Again, "why" is "because the rules say so". If that's not satisfying, also consider this suggestion -

[Image: unknown.png]

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