Mentor Application - NapsWasTaken
Usual character name: Bee Lyedelle, Test Subject B
BYOND username: NapsWasTaken
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Naps#7057
Recommended by (if applicable): Walpvrgis
Goon servers you play: Mainly Morty but also Sylvester.

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
I have been playing on the server for a year and a half now and a few players suggested that I should apply for mentor (the main person encouraging me to do so being Walp). I wanted to wait until I felt like I myself was ready to step up to the role and now I feel ready to do so. I already try and help out other players in game and have created a character (Test Subject B) to help players gain confidence with interacting with each other on RP. I hope to be a friendly face that people new and older can come to in order to improve their experience of the game, help them try new things and make new friends.
I remember when I was new, I was shy and worried about asking for help but really appreciated the people who saw me struggling and stepped in to help. I hope to be that person who helps people come out of their shell a little.
Throughout my one and a half years playing I’ve learned a lot of roles. The role I know the most would be medical, as this is the role I originally started playing as regularly. One of my fondest memories when teaching medical was teaching a player who later became a regular and amazing medical player. As an MD I picked up they weren’t sure how to do surgeries, so I dragged them into robotics to perform surgery on my character whilst I walked them through it. During this a radiation storm happened resulting in the missing organ not being replaced, we forgot about it until my character was dying and needed it replaced urgently. They managed to replace the organ without assistance, and I was incredibly proud of them.
For science I have quite a lot of knowledge in chemistry, telesci and artlab. I believe science can be intimidating for people to start because there’s so much you can do but no indicator on where to really begin. I usually direct people to the wiki and let them know I’m here if they have any questions if they’re unsure about the department.
For civilian jobs I have a lot of knowledge on except for chaplain which I haven’t really ever played. Botany is an easy job role to learn as is chef which is where I usually see newer players starting out and getting a hang of the game.
For engineering I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to the TEG but for the singularity and especially the geothermal, I am able to assist players in learning them. I find myself teaching engineers on how the geothermal engine works each time Oshan is selected. Mining and cargo are regular picks of mine, so I have a lot of experience there. Mechanics however I’m a little clueless on.
I am quite new to playing security, but I’ve had good feedback with the way I play it. As B I try my best to involve other security players with cases and incidents happening during the round. I try to make it fun for everyone and be a friendly face people can talk to.
I have a lot of experience in playing silicon too, for awhile it was the only role I would play.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None that I’m aware of.
Absolutely, positively and definitely a yes. Naps is great to see in game and is liked by everyone. I've played quite a bit of rounds with them and spectated some of their rounds and from what I have seen Naps has experience in most of the jobs and goes out of their way to teach new players. They are quite patient and never seem to lose their cool even in very frustrating situations. On top of this, they have been trying to learn more about the jobs they are inexperienced with. Overall, they are willing to learn and teach, I think they would make an amazing mentor.

YES! Naps is Amazing! i have seen Naps so much and they are always friendly and Calm, always trying to help and teach anyone they can! even in situations when it gets stressful or someone is rude, Naps still handles it so well. Naps has so much knowledge on so many different things! one of the main reasons i know so much about Science and the Game in General was due to Naps showing me so much!

Naps absolutely deserves to be a mentor. Always helps others out whenever I see them, super nice, fun to play with, and makes me smile whenever I see one of their characters join the round. Always willing to help out new people. Just an amazing player and I'd say an example to aspire to. A massive +1 from me.
I've always been happy to see Test Subject B and Bee in game as they have always been a positive influence on the round. Helpful and kind every time I have seen them. They are knowledgeable about the game itself and I am absolutely sure they would handle the role of mentor responsibly.
I’ve experienced countless rounds with Naps and on a lot of occasions now I’ve seen them go out of their way in order to provide help to players struggling with new or unfamiliar game mechanics, help that I myself have even been on the receiving end of more than once or twice over the past year. They’re always extremely friendly, approachable and patient which when combined with their aptitude for roleplaying and facilitating fun engagements leads me to have full confident that they would be a fantastic mentor. +1
Easy +1. Patient, good teacher, never had a bad experience with them, and fun to play with.
Easy +1 from me aswell, patient, fun to hang around with and they love teaching people new things, they've got all the makings for becomming a great Mentor if you ask me.
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generally not opposed, some reservations based on interactions with you as bee lydelle. trying to assist in fixing a hotwire and directing you to the exact location to which I got a "go fix it yourself" when I was mdir and you were engi + chain shoving me as I was standing in the hall after a conversation on radio wrapped when I had tried to help out with some evil clones in medbay, which I eventually had to looc you to leave me alone because you kept shoving me.
+1, always fun to play with, their attitude alone should get them mentor. They've helped struggling folks and generally just been an incredibly friendly face and make for amazing RP. I don't think I've genuinely seen them get mad, or even given me the impression of being mad ooc, all in all, what you'd want in a mentor.
Fun, polite, generally helpful. Naps has interacted with me on the rare occasion I've randomnamed - I think they'd make a good mentor.
+1 without any hesitation.
Naps is an unusually kind and helpful person who in my time on the server I've seen helping countless of people getting the hang of things, brightening up people's day and having an incredibly positive influence on how people play and interact with one another. She has a way of including everyone, devoting entire rounds without hesitation on teaching others. The amount of times I've seen her loose her cool i can count on one hand, and the rare times I've seen it it was from circumstances beyond her control.
To add to that, the medical person in their application was me, and i can both verify it as being completely true and being an incredibly fond memory, thinking way back then that Naps already was a mentor. Heck, she has been a major influence on how I play the game, why i love medical work, and I always strived to be as kind and helpful to others as she and others had been to me when I was starting out. A person who is not only a positive influence but someone who inspires others to do the same is in my eyes a mentor in everything but name, and i have no doubt whatsoever she would make a great stinky mentor.
It would be remiss of me to not reply to this app, given that I recommended that Naps applied in the first place! Naps has always been a very welcoming and helpful player, and was one of the first players to give me a chance when I was very new and confused when returning to Goonstation after a very long break. They've personally taught me so much about the game, including entire departments at times.

I also see them very often teaching new players in fun ways, to the point where they will often spend entire rounds with a newbie just to make them feel welcome. I think Naps being a mentor would be a great benefit to the community, because they have both the knowledge AND the kindness and patience that I believe is needed for the role. They'd do a great job with the tools available to mentors, imo.

Easily a +1.

Naps is amazing. Great roleplayer, really fun to interact with on all of their different characters. Friendly and welcoming to newcomers and always willing to teach, and goes above and beyond in rounds to make them more interesting. Seeing them in game, and seeing their characters, genuinely gives me dopamine.

Can't say much that hasn't already been said. You've been around for a good while, and I definitely recall seeing you helping people out in the past (months ago, in fact). I think you would make a great mentor.

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