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Complaint Complaint, flappybat, main server, 12/2 @12:10 PM CST
Title: Title your thread with the admin's name, the server, and the date + time (if applicable). This means we can check logs to see exactly what went on.

Admin: Flappybat

Server: Main
Date + time: Appx 12:10 PM CST
Synopsis: I was trying to save a life as a medical doctor, my patient kept running around with active radiation poisoning or a heart condition or something serious. I said to them 'stop moving retard' or something along those lines, including that word. A bit rusty (been awhile since i played) and spaced that that was against TOS.
Flappybat pings me with 'don't use the word retard'. I respond with some wisecrack about ableism and went back to healing my patient, NOT using the word again, having been reminded that it's against TOS.

I then received a WEEK ban, with the reason 'When I tell you to do something I'm not asking for you to joke or sass me about it'

My issue with this is thus: The ban reason seems to be more about an ego trip/overly punitive action, i.e. 'do what I tell you and don't joke about it' than a legitimate reason. The reminder that that was a prohibited word was enough for me to not use it and stay within the bounds of TOS. Me responding with a not-disrespectful offhand joke to a mod should not be a reason for a 7 day ban. 
We're all part of the same community. Some enjoy jokes and banter, some don't. I'd have been fine with a ban if i continued to violate the rules and used that word again, but a ban for responding jokingly to a mod seems tyrannical, along the lines of 'BE SUBSERVIANT OR GET BANNED'

If this is appropriate behavior for mods nowadays, please let me know so that I may go to another server.    

Flappybat responded to my appeal, saying that since I have a bad history from years ago my ban should stay in place- I used to work with an enforcement team for a large tech company and it seems that flavoring your enforcement based on not-recent behavior of the individual is against the whole philosophy of enforcement.

You enforce to curb/influence behavior. If you enact a severe ban for something minor, based on enforcement action from years ago, it ignores the possibility that your past actions may have had the desired effect. This is the absolute opposite of what enforcement should be, and seems like personal targetting, bias, or ego-tripping. Judge me based on my actual behavior today, not my behavior from years past.

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