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Nut - Head of Security Application
Usual character name: John Nut
BYOND username: TheLegendNut
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Nut#9652
Recommended by (if applicable): (don’t remember the name)
Goon servers you play: Both Goonstation RP servers.

Reason for application: To put it bluntly, Sometimes, you arrive to a shift with a full load of officers, but no HoS. Sometimes- everything is well, all good and dandy. Other times- it is a disorganized mess with no communication. I want to atleast try to help

Security experience (300 word minimum)I’ve been playing SS13 for a fat minute, started in goon somewhere around 2020, played a little here and there, I’ve explored a bunch of different servers, looked about, felt around. Even going as far as to play HoS on a HRP server- and none of it felt quite the same as goon, in a way. Regardless, I’ve been trying to improve my play no matter how long I’ve played. I’ve done pretty decent so far, I’m not the best by far and I certainly hope I’m not the worst. And I’ve hit a few road bumps here and there, dealt with a fair share of not so great people. Security is just a role I enjoy more than others, despite all these setbacks. Goon security has a different mentality than other servers- one which I had to yet again adapt to upon the return from a hiatus awhile back, but now I do feel I’m ready to pick up the boots and try my hand.

Anyways, with that out of the way, things I’ve noticed from my security experiences would likely be how different each encounter could be- how you’ll need to mold into each encounter to atleast attempt to understand what the other person wants. Behind that screen is someone playing a character- writing their own story that round for them, and like any good story- just straight up shooting any conflict whatsoever isn’t fun at all, and it’s more fun to try to interact with your opponents, understand where their problems lie. Eventually- the conflict may reach a breaking point, or they’ll resolve it peacefully. Either way, it’s more fun for everyone to try to play into their gimmick. (If their gimmick isn’t awful. I’m looking at you, lube clown.)

Regardless- Security is just the role I feel most comfortable in, and I absolutely feel I’m ready to be a moderately decent Head of Security.

Answer two or more of the following: 
  • What advice would you give to other sec players?
For starters, my own advice would be to keep your spirits up and take nothing folks say or do personally. Remember, how you feel can affect how you act- if you’re very angry or upset at a person, it may make you act irrationally, so when you need to- take a deep breath, have a cookie, and relax. Also- show your badge more!!! You’re the one role who starts with a cool badge!
  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
When I’m on a full team, I tend to try to interact more, I have more leeway to patrol and we have more room to split up and work on several issues rather than running around like a headless chicken, but I try my best to keep communicating to keep others updated on my own situation, what I’ve found, ETC.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

“You really aren’t the John I know. The John I know is dead.”

-Avery Gray

Subtle words, uttered through the hallways struck his ears and mind.
They struck him dearly, for he’d known he’d come back.
For what purpose, he wondered? To finish what he started? 
To ensnare his own mind into the other, contained with the screaming and the damned once more?

No, it seems as if they seek naught but forgiveness, as John long ago did.
A mistake that paid him dearly, tormenting his mind and soul for a long distant time. 
John hadn’t known what he was then, and they’d known the same. The unknown drove fear-
deep into the roots of their core, like a knife plunging through the ribcage of a surgeon.

If only they’d known, at the time of the incident, that those who understood were few.
Like old, expired glue, John had failed to hold the crew together, or rather, back.
Be rid of the unknown, or they be rid of them, they thought. 
John knew the many, and the many knew him. 

The unknown thought naught of this, sighting his allegiance was with them.
A misunderstanding- for he understood. How he’d tried and tried, to let the others understand.
Yet the misunderstanding saw to his end, out of fear for themselves, the unknown struck.
From behind- with a sting, he’d uttered the phrase.

“I thought we were friends, John.”

And that, they had been, if only for a short time. Yet reunited, they stand again.

They came back to him, after naught months, but years.
After the time, and torment, John had forgiven the Unknown- yet not himself.
Like old men at arms of an ended civil war, they had met in the middle.
Reminiscing about Voices In The Past.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): I have not had any bans, but I’ve had some notes from near when I began playing. I had no idea what i was doing entirely then.

John Nut is a great officer, who knows when to be funny and when to be serious. Always has your back, and guaranteed to (probably) save your life at your most dire moments. Very interactive with the crew and Security, and always good at communicating on comms.

Would love to see the Nut in the beret.
Great officer, always RPs wonderfully, can robust you if needed, helps a lot keeping other officers in check, overall great to be around. Definite +1 from me.
+1, good and interesting at roleplay while still being able to have the balance of also doing security work. Helpful outside and inside of security and gets the job done. I think he’d be a pretty good fit as a HoS.
Nut, I've known you for quite a while and watched you go through a few phases while you've learned how to carry yourself as a security officer, and seen you come and go more than a few times while you decide exactly what you want out of Space Station in general and Goonstation in particular. At the beginning I was really eager to recommend you for HoS and even did a lot of one-on-one training with you myself, but over time you've developed some habits that really give me pause.

The main and most important one is that the way you play SS13, you are the most important character of the story. In a recent round I observed, I watched you talk over the HoS while doing an interrogation, stop an injured person who was being dragged to Medbay so that you could force-feed them a donut and try to cauterize their wounds with a Zippo lighter, and walk past an engineer and a mechanic with a dowsing rod and stomper so that you could handle hotspots on Oshan all by yourself. Not only does this break the "stay in your lane" rule on the RP server, it is an example of how you often play as if you're always the one in a round that has to Be The Hero  and Do The Things. HoS is about leadership, and leadership is very often about stepping aside to let everyone play their part in a story, not just charging ahead with your own.

You're a good roleplayer and a great security officer, but I'm concerned about how these habits will translate to the roles where you have less oversight and lots of cool toys, like HoS and NTSO.
I do not think you're a good fit for Head of Security.

I think you're a fun-enabling officer, but I do not think you'd fit in a leading role.

You seem to have a "hero" complex as Security where you force themselves into situations and escalate things in an unnecessarily joking way, frustating ME personally when I am your HoS. On top of this, I've seen you go out of your way to do things when others are around to do them, such as providing medical care to people being taken to the Medical bay.

Maybe a month ago when I was your HoS, you arrested me while I was AFK using the Secmate PC, portabrigged me, took my lawbringer and made a smug comment about it - "Another one for the wall."

This lasted about -15- minutes. You did this because I was roleplay-rude with an antagonist. All of this while ignoring my looc comments for you to stop. Since then I've gotten anxious whenever I've seen you on my team.

Additionally - Just earlier today I was totally mobbed by Security in the kitchen as a vampire chef - And you pulled a Clock on me, which was something the Head of Security that shift wasn't even aware you had. I was totally outnumbered and you aggro-grabbed me with it, which in rp puts it to someone's head, when I looc'd about why you did this, you told me you didn't even have a taser on you.

I'll need more time seeing you behave before my opinion on you having HoS changes.
Aye guys thanks for the criticism and all- I’ll try to adjust my attitude a bit more and try to improve on these things. Generally, I’m always trying to look to improve and there’s quite a lot of other attributes that go into my ingame behavior, but I’ll do what I can to try to make these things better.

(12-12-2021, 07:50 PM)Cal Wrote: Maybe a month ago when I was your HoS, you arrested me while I was AFK using the Secmate PC, portabrigged me, took my lawbringer and made a smug comment about it - "Another one for the wall."

This lasted about -15- minutes. You did this because I was roleplay-rude with an antagonist. All of this while ignoring my looc comments for you to stop. Since then I've gotten anxious whenever I've seen you on my team.

As for this, this was a fair while ago. I got back from a long hiatus and I wasn’t in the best state at the time, I get your grievances but I believe I’ve moved past that point, and the thing was- LOOC back then was pretty dull, as in, not all too visible. I never really saw or responded to your LOOC’s because I never saw them, and from my perspective- you’d just shot a monkey person for some minor roleplay grievances, but I do realize now that was kind of messed up for me to do.
application closed per request

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