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Redbonky banned by unknown
My IRC/Discord Username: Redbonky
Date and time of the ban: within the last month
Who banned me: unknown
Message given in the kick, if present: unknown
Summary of events leading up to the ban: I'm not actually certain I've been banned, but I can't rejoin the discord server, the best guess I have is that I've been regularly joining and leaving every few days for a few minutes at a time, since I was hardly active on the discord but I also wanted to still know the news and to see how people were doing (I tend to try to be on as few discords as possible cause it looks nice, I'm in like 7 rn), but I think one of the admins thought that this was pretty suspicious since it started a month or so after the attack - which is definitely quite reasonable to think that - and banned me. 
Why I should be unbanned: I'd like to rejoin it (actually this time), I think the reason I hardly talked on there was because of burnout and the really high numbers of people in the chats, but I think that's gone down a bit since I was first properly on the discord.
Yeah, I banned you because you were leaving within a few seconds of joining every couple of days and it looked kinda suspicious.

I'll lift it now.

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