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Kyle2143/Trent Durinste HoS Application
I'm just going to preface this by saying that I had applied before, but was still in the approval process when goonstation forums went down so it was lost. It was up for about a month or so and if I remember correctly I think I only had one "NO" and most people seemed to say "Yes". Not that that should really matter.

Anyway, my post was lost and I'be been pretty busy with classes in the meantime so I haven't played at all since the end of September I think. Now I'm reposting it exactly as it was before, I could change some things to maybe look better, but I'll keep it as is for posterity's sake. but more or less most of my style of play has remained the same, except I've taken a couple steps away from the "play to win" approach and more to make it be fun.

Kyle2143/Trent Durinste HoS Application

Name (BYOND key): kyle2143

If referred, by whom: MyBlueCorners. He became and HoS and was like, “You should apply to be a HoS”. So I did, I hope that counts.

Hours of availability (include timezone): 5PM-2AM EST (-5 GMT), maybe later and earlier on weekends and in the summer.
Reason for Applying (300 word minimum):
Well, mine is probably the same as most people. I’m pretty sure that I’m good security officer and I think I can also be a pretty good Head of Security as well. In playing I’ve noticed that many Heads of Security generally don’t seem to do much other than argue with the Captain over who has command over security or they just fly off into space to “save the station”. I’m not saying I’ve ever seen anyone ever abuse the position or do a bad job, but I feel I’d be a bit more active in the security and protection of others. Well, the HoS is part of the Command Staff and it would be reckless to run around trying to be some sort of superhero, I’d try to eliminate threats with other officers or make sure to direct them on what to do and follow up on getting the job done.

Crewmembers look to the Command Staff (especially the Captain and HoS) to solve their problems and punish criminals fairly. A Head of Security that kills you for giving him a friendly air tank to the face is not what inspires confidence, when people see that a HoS arrives on the station they want to trust that he can help sort things out. They don’t want a loose cannon who runs around with their energy gun on laser mode to apprehend people, or just fire burst tasers randomly down a hallway in hopes that they hit the right person like some security officers do.

I’m not saying that I am the Abraham Lincoln of leaders or that by sheer force of will, the entire security staff and crew will obey my orders and the station will run like the syndicate and griefers never existed, but I think that I can use the title of Head of Security to help the Captain and security maintain order on the station better than most.

Your usual "IC" name (might help): Trent Durinste

Detailed Security Experience (300 word minimum):
I usually like to play command staff or research roles, particularly the RD, but I’ve also had more than my fair share of time as a security officer and captain. Generally when I play a security officer, the first thing I do (aside from picking up the thermals in the sec office) is to try and make sure that everyone is on the same page with who is a security officer and that they should keep communicating. Now how often I do this or keep in touch during the round is really dependent on my mood when I’m playing, but that’s neither here nor there. At the very least, I make sure to tell my fellow officers where I’m going if I think it might be dangerous and they can do as they please with that information. It would be a stretch to say that its teamwork, but I try to make sure officers know where other officers are and where they should be.

Here’s the breakdown of how I generally handle brigging and stuff. If they are obviously a griefer and committing offenses like minor assaults then generally I will just give them a stun and a warning to stop being an idiot. If it happens again, I’ll brig for 2 minutes or just give the victims the okay to repay them in kind (it’s rare that I allow this, but honesty and shit). If they keep trying to kill people and it’s clear they won’t stop, sometimes they have to be killed. If they are suspected of being a traitor and have a weapon or are trying to kill (or have killed) people, I’ll confiscate their PDA of course and most of their items that can be dangerous. Depending on how far into the round it is, I will do different things to them. If they are caught within the first 15 minutes and haven’t killed anyone yet, I’ll take their PDA, dangerous items, brig em for 5-10 minutes and send them on their way (if I can manage, I’ll give them a lower access ID and tell the station that they are being released). Because, let’s face it, if all the traitors got caught in 15 minutes, the round would be boring as hell. Now this part might not be exactly the right thing to do, but if they try to kill me (even if it’s in the first 15 minutes) they are permabriged or borged. If the round is well under way, things are escalating, and they’ve killed someone, I’ve been known to act as judge, jury, and executioner (I only do this as the Captain, I always ask permission from the Captain before I ever kill or permabrig anyone).
A suspected changeling is always bloodtested, unless they start using obvious changeling powers, once they are confirmed they will be borged or If Robotics is destroyed they will just be permabrigged or gibbed.
When there are Wizard sightings on the station, I first make sure to upload a new law allowing the AI and cyborgs to arrest the Wizard. Unless the wizard is friendly, he will meet certain death after he tries to kill a crewmember.
I’m not sure if it’s worth mentioning Revolutions since they haven’t been in the rotation for some time, but in general, I will make sure to secure the loyalty implants and if I can manage, I will build an electric chair to zap crewmembers back to their senses. I will also try to upload a law to allow the AI and it’s cyborgs to arrest revolutionaries.
Lastly there are the Nuke rounds with Syndicate Operatives, pretty standard here. If the brig is not destroyed, I will permabrig them. If there is nowhere to safely keep them prisoner, then they must be killed, plain and simple.

In all honesty, I’m a shoot (stun) first and ask question later kind of person; I hardly mean that I stun random people, but if I see someone I suspect of being a traitor or changeling (I only do this when I am alone with the person), but it’s difficult to trust that someone won’t just take out a saber or spit acid at me. If it’s an honest mistake or miscommunication, I always apologize and help them up.
I guess I could mention one or a few of my exploits as a security officer, though unfortunately most of the exciting takedowns I did on traitors and changelings occurred while I was a civilian. Being equipped with tasers, batons, and flashbangs makes most of my traitor fights pretty one sided and quick (not that I’m bragging, I’m pretty sure most competent security officers feel this way unless there are some sort of unforeseen difficulties).

Your Opinion of Poo (5 word minimum):
I will represent my opinion of poo in the highly disciplined form of Japanese poetry, known as Haiku.
Poo poo, poo poo poo,
Poo poo, poo poo poo poo poo,
Poo poo poo, poo poop.
As you can tell from my carefully crafted poem, it follows the 5-7-5 syllable structure of a Haiku so there is no question as to whether or not it is a Haiku. Make sure you read aloud. Something is lost when you don’t hear it articulated properly, I think it really sums up my feelings on poo.

Prosecuted Offenses (bans/jobbans – Note: this will not necessarily keep you from consideration, but lying about it will!):
1 permaban; 1 weekban, 1 dayban. I don’t know if I am supposed to describe them, but I think this is how it goes.
Permaban: I was an engineer on Donut Station several months ago and about 30 seconds until the shuttle was leaving, I released a some NO2 or something(the one that knocks you out) on the shuttle. I think it got turned around in a few days, but it didn’t kill anyone or anything. It was a really dick thing to do though.
Weekban: I’m pretty sure this was a misunderstanding. I was killed as a sec officer during a rev round on donut station and left my computer after that, still logged in. I came back and I’m banned because he said I killed a head or something, the only thing I can think of is that some revs must have stolen my stuff and used it to kill someone and some admin thought it was me, and just banned me because he thought I was ignoring him or something.
Dayban: I don’t remember. Something trivial. I might have gotten a second one, but again, I can’t remember what that would have been for.

Hello. I fixed your Haiku.

Quote:Yes yes yes yes yes.
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.
Yes yes yes yes yes.

Seriously though, this dude is p cool and totally deserves a beret to go with his coolness.
More information from other approved players needed, please.

Will close and deny in 7 days if no further information given.
Recognized Trent's name, gotta chime in support for this guy. He's super chill to play with, doesn't fuck up your shit completely when you've been bold and knows how to appreciate a good gimmick. He's good sec when he plays and is a sensible captain so HoS would suit him down to the ground.
Yes. Good security.
I recognize the name and I remember him being pretty good Sec, so yes, he's deserving of the beret.

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