HoS Application - David Cain
Usual character name: David Cain, D.A.V.E.-C (AI and silicon)
BYOND username: KingMorshu552
Discord username (if you are on our discord): lostroman #6335
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: Sylvester, occasionally Morty

Reason for application:
I mostly play on Goon 4, and have come to really love our small community of regulars, in addition to the steady trickle of new folks. We don't often get a HoS on four, and one can enhance and very much influence the course of a round. I value RP first above all, and think as HoS I can bring more of that to the table. I've also very much come to love security, and I've noticed we get a decent amount of newish players looking to try security, and I hope I could be a good example to them. While any officer should be willing to teach the juniors the ropes, the presence and words of a HoS tend to carry more weight, and I'd like this opportunity to pass on what I've learned to others.

Security experience (300 word minimum):
I've been playing security for a good while, and that is my go to role next to AI. I feel I've come a very long way in my play style and knowledge. I have attempted to learn from veteran officers and any Head's of Security I can find. The best thing in my opinion you can do as an officer is create or enhance a story going on. It's no fun if the antag is caught and stripped of everything ten minutes into the round. I try to give them a chance at a good story by playing along, or being light in applying the law.

When dealing with criminals or crimes, I always attempt to talk first and de-escalate the situation. In many situations, if the victim is alright with it, I let the offender off with a warning, maybe a ticket if needed. Most are willing to have a conversation and many of these situations can be resolved without any sort of force or brig time. Force should always be the last resort, and proper escalation of force at that. If an offender is continuing an assault, or refusing to talk after multiple attempts, I'll usually always try the flash first, just to get them to stop. I find the baton and the taser are usually only needed if someone is very intent on not being stopped. I tend to ignore minor contraband, and if brig time is needed, try to make it as painless as possible. I will sometimes give them a choice as well, brig time, a fine, maybe clean up the mess they made. If they spend a lot of time in interrogation, most of the time I'll let them go with time served.

Communication is a very important part of the job, and not just with your team, but the crew as well. I always try to let my team know what I'm doing, from working desk, going on patrol, or going to get my clone scan. Calling out who did what, fines and brig times is always useful. Nothing is worse than seeing someone in the brig with no timer and not knowing how they got there. I really enjoy round start, as one of the first things I do is go to each department for a check in. Say hello, let them know security is out there, and to be safe. I've had some great RP moments just from stopping by and talking to people, and at the same time, it lets the crew know you're a friendly face. Many times if a crime gets reported to me, I will call them over general comms to speak to me at the desk. This provides more opportunity for a story in many ways. They'll come talk to you, or now they know you might suspect them for something. While some consider it a lowly position, I'm of the belief working the desk is very important. You're often the "face" of security, as a lot of the crew will come there to directly talk to you about something. How you talk and communicate with them can mean all the difference.

Offering training to junior officers has always been enjoyable for me. From weapons, gear, application of space law, and just how to approach things is always something I try to pass on. I encourage newer officers to patrol together with me, and in some cases let them handle the situation, and I'll step in if needed. Security can be overwhelming for a junior officer, and I've always tried to be as welcoming as possible, and be willing to teach anything I can.

Answer two or more of the following:
What advice would you give to other sec players?
There are many things I can say, so I'll just offer a few tidbits:

Knowing your equipment, weapons, and being as robust as possible is all well and good, but that should be secondary to your attitude and how you approach the job. Always be calm, be lenient if you can, and enhance that story you responded to.

Don't feel like you're over communicating. I'd much rather be hearing a lot of information than too little.

Don't be afraid to ask your fellow officers for help! Two or more heads is almost always better than one, and remember to keep your PDA in easy reach. That emergency alert can not only save you, but another officer showing up can help de-escalate a situation. Do not forget to utilize or ask the AI for help as well, I see many officers that tend to forget about them.

What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
My favorite moment had to be my interaction with a vampire antag. He was also running a gimmick that he was part cyborg, and he acted the part. At first, he was aggressive, running around attacking myself and the crew, and not wanting to speak at all. There was a good amount of back and forth, many attacks, me chasing him, and nearly an execution. He survived, and actually came back and started to talk. He said all he needed was blood to function, and he wanted to return to his normal duties. We worked out a deal where I gave him access to the blood bank, told him to respond to me, and asked him if he would like to perform janitor duties, since we didn't have one on the station. He agreed, and peacefully interacted with me and the crew for the rest of the shift. It was very rewarding to see in the OOC chat after the round that everyone seemed happy and enjoyed themselves with the outcome.

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
With a full team, I'll usually try to fill in where needed. If no one is running desk for example, I'll usually do that. It's also a great time to teach others, as you have more time for one on one if the other officers are out responding to calls. I'll also use the opportunity for more RP. When alone, if we have an AI, I'll always try to utilize them to help me out, and I tend to prioritize crew safety over petty crimes and possession.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
As you go about your walk,
Do not forget, you first must talk!
To use baton, taser, or flash,
Make sure that segway does not crash,
or fellow officers at you will they balk.

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
I've wanted to run something along the lines of an "Officers Ball" for charity purposes, such as a Fallen Officers Fund. Get the bartender and chef involved, have music, dancing, drinks, maybe a speech, and ask for donations. I'd then thank the crew and make an announcement at the end of how much (or how little!) money we raised. I'd mostly like to do this because getting a lot of folks in once place tends to make RP come easy, especially for newcomers, and this would demonstrate the softer side of security.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
No bans on record.
David has a lot of the qualities required to be a HoS. He is calm, collected and patient. I think this application reflects very well what I have seen from him in game (Also great poem!). He may be less known than other people in the community, but he has been a regular presence on 4 and he has shown to be always willing to learn and to improve. Overall, I think him being a HoS would make Sylvester a better place to RP and have great little stories. +1
"First ever post yay!"


If I had the choice to choose someone to be a HoS, it would be David, why?
David is one of the more talkative officer on duty that I've ever seen, He's there for everyone, he listens and helps in anyway he's able to.
For exemple, the engine ain't on and we're going to loose the lights, and there's no pesky baddies ruining the Bar? No worries David's here!
I'm getting on my high horse but I'm serious, David is a very serviceable Officer, He's harsh and upholds the law when needed, but also very lenient cordial and friendly, and that's not only with the bad guys!
He's always here to help, and listen to anyone's needs, and for that...Thank you David! He's also a good talker too! Anyways.

I've seen him on Sylvester a lot, he works hard as a security officer to make every round friendlier and better, so in my eyes, He totally deserve it +1

PS: I'm just a janitor for goodness sake!
+1 from me, David knows how to take charge if needed — has the qualities good secoffs have (calm, collected, etc.) Gonna be a yes from me, I think it’s suitable.
This is a +1 for, they're calm and know their stuff. I always like having them on the team, and I've even witnessed them helping out some sec assistants. This guy would make a great HoS
+1, from the rounds I’ve played and observed with David they have a lot of the traits I look for in a HoS. They communicate regularly on security comms and they are more than willing to talk things through with antags first. With no HoS around, they help lead a guiding hand for an otherwise disorganized security team by making sure someone responds to security reports and demands. I think I even remember them having a LOOC chat with a fairly new antag to help them get a better understanding of it on RP. David exhibits the patience and level-headedness needed for what can be a highly stressful position.
David is a remarkably calm and level headed officer, they know how to defuse situations effectively, and are incredibly communicative over the radios, both Security, and General, often reporting what they are doing, offering advice on situations, and routinely checking in with other officers. In rounds where there is no HoS present, David often steps up and acts as a guiding hand to Security, but in a way as not to be overbearing to others on the team, and still remembering his position when the wishes of other team members are taken into account, and often attempts to respect the requests of the captain or other higher ranking individuals.

When dealing with criminals, David is lenient, always attempting to talk first and places RP above simply letting them serve a brig time, but equally he knows when hasher punishments are needed. When needing to detain someone uncooperative, he knows how to properly escalate, using the minimum force required to bring them in, and making use of the flash before moving to a taser or baton.

When a newer officer or assistant is on shift, David unfailingly offers to help teach them the workings of the Security department, whether it is a returning officer who needs a slight brushing up on their knowledge, or an entirely new officer or assistant, David teaches Security etiquette, arrest procedure, escalation, SecMate, forensic work, the workings of the officer's equipment, and anything else that the trainee wishes to know.

They are an example to all new and serving officers,
Decisive +1.
+1 I've seen David as security a good amount of rounds now and from working with them and seeing how they play and handle situations, i feel they would make a amazing Hos! They communicate well and lead security very well, when handling antags they give fair punishments and try to make it as fair and fun for everyone.

they are calm even in hard situations and are friendly and polite to everyone, be it antag or crew, they are a positive force in many RP situations often providing Antags and Crew fun RP! i feel they would make a great example to other officers and is always willing to teach people Security. David would make a great Hos!

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