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Denied Ban Appeal Banned by leeanei
Hello there i dont know if its already 30 days but iam sorry i didnt mean it as a joke i know admin see it as offensive iam truly sorry 

Who banned me?: leeanei
Byond Key: ilovemlggame123
Discord Username: ilovemlggame123#5765
Date of ban: 12/11/2021
Reason I got ban: Named myself "bob retard" and then said "I can't breathe" , when the crew beat Ban Length me for self-antagging
Ban Length: 30 days
What led to the ban?: so I punch someone in escape shuttle I thought it was funny to hit someone with my o2 gas (not even kill) they mad, pin me down , and beat me up I say I cant breath 2 time then when round end I got banned
Why am I appealing?: I want to play the server again cause it has more feature than other server and more understandable wiki and mechanic, Iam truly sorry about my actions that i done
What rule I broke?: Rule 5, Rule 11, and Rule 4.
Evasion Attempts: No.
It's been fifteen days. This is a permanent ban, which cannot be appeal for 30 days. The first day you can appeal it as of right now is December 12th.

I will also be keeping an eye out if your behavior has improved on other servers.

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