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Swap macrobombs in surplus crates for a box of microbombs.
Macros love to hog your surplus crate TC and they're a big commitment item. It's not very fun to order a surplus only to get a macrobomb and a low value item. I think removing the macro (12TC) and replacing it with a box that has 4 or 6 microbombs (4 or 6 TC ofc) would help make crates more fun more often without outright removing bomb implants from their pool.
Good point. If those large TC cost meme items take up most of the crates TC amount then they should be adjusted.
The only 12 TC item that should be in surplus crates is another surplus crate, IMO.
Agreed, surplus crates should offer a range of options when opened so you're given some freedom with how you wanna go about antagging that round. The surplus crate to me should be a random option when you can't decide on a gimmick and should just give you a bunch of random, fun and potentially murderous toys to try out and play with, a microbomb eats into the variety of the crate way too much.

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