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Remove Macrobomb Implant from RP Server Antag Lists
suggestion in title

I've been a regular on the rp servers for almost a year now and never once have I seen one of these damn things used for the benefit of a round's overall narrative. quick grief? oh, all the time! who DOESN'T love getting a department blown to smithereens with absolutely no escalation? but I cannot recall a single instance of a macrobomb implant enrich ANY sort of rp or deepen ANY antag gimmick.

"but you can still fill yourself full of 12 TCs worth of microbombs for the same effect!" you might say. and sure, people would still be able to do that, but having to buy each implant one by one not only leaves behind more evidence, but also hopefully will make people reevaluate what they plan to do with the implants in the first place. thoughtful play is pretty much always key to good roleplaying, and by increasing the amount of thought someone will have to put in to blow up the station, hopefully it'll cut down on a fairly common source of grief with practically zero reasons to keep it around
God yes please. Newbie antagonists are getting these and making giant, rp-less bombs while experienced RPers don't touch these TC-hogs in favor of several fun items.
I'm all for this. it's just so overwhelmingly bad and sad when some antag goes into medbay or security, dumps a hellpoison in their gullet and gibs themselves and several other people without any escalation.

It's happend a scarce few times on my shifts but i reckon it's been happening a bit more overall as it seems we've been getting an influx of new players, allot of them still getting used to the rules in general and RP rules specifically. The Macrobomb just kinda feels like a RP Newbietrap kinda like Cal implied.

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