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port a brig security training
So the information I have might not be accurate please correct me if I am wrong

The current port a brig no matter who puts the crimer inside it WILL take the same amount of time I wish for this to be altered.

If you have security training, its the same time
if you dont have security training you shall take longer to pbrig someone
Security training shall dictate how long it takes to eject someone out everyone as of now can eject them instantly if the pbrig is unlocked
If you have sec training you shall eject them after a short delay
if you dont have sec training you shall eject them after a longer delay
The time for placing someone in the brig was increased on account of the fact that it's purpose is a transporter,
whereas some players (myself) kept using it as an instant-win weapon.
(If you could simply Grab a Werewolf or Shambler, placing them in the brig renders them docile)

Decreasing the time at this point doesn't seem necessary.

There were concerns over wizards cluwning/polymorphing people trying to place them inside,
(placing someone in the port-a-brig requires that you stand still for a while, meaning they can cast their spell on you).
Idk what became of that. Haven't ran into that problem personally.
That would be the only reason I can see for making the timer shorter--or at least forcing the wizard to be upright when they cast it.

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