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Mentor Application - bigjigs (Jason Powers)
Usual character name: Jason Powers, HK-47, MULTIVAC
BYOND username: Bigjigs
Discord username (if you are on our discord): bigjigs#9688
Recommended by (if applicable):
Goon servers you play: Morty and Sylvester

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): The reason for my application and my game experience are sort of closely intertwined. I first tried out SS13 a few years ago and gave it up due to the servers I played on being terrible for one reason or another. Putting aside the obvious glaring problems that some servers have, one thing I consistently struggled with was learning the finer points. I could follow a wiki like anyone else, but when it came to anything nuanced I was often stumbling in the dark. Part of the problem was me occasionally finding myself on non-RP servers and getting blasted. A distinct memory I have was asking an engineer for help with setting up the SM crystal. "Sure." they say and beckon me to the doors of the chamber, where they grabbed me and tossed me inside, killing me instantly. Contrast that with another time when the Chief Engineer was setting up a tesla engine and walked me through the process of obtaining the parts, wiring it up, constructing it, and turning it on and the experience was much more positive.
In short, I enjoy being able to help people along to those light bulb moments. It's not always complicated, though. Probably the thing I do most is help new folks in robotics (though I don't play robotics as much as I used to). Being a willing surgery subject that can help give pointers can work wonders for getting people accustomed to goon surgeries. I've split time through most of the departments. In engineering I've mostly been a mechanic, miner, or QM. I feel like I have a decent grasp on mechanic and miner, though the finer points of dwaine are still coming to me and the same goes for matsci. For Civilian roles, botanist and janitor is probably where I've spent most of my time, though I've recently started trying out bartender and chef. In research, I've done a fair amount of telesci exploring and I enjoy artlab a great deal. I've seen what some people can do in chemistry and I feel, in comparison, that my experience is more surface level though I know how to make specific things. I haven't touched the chemicompiler though. I've played a decent amount of security, including cutting my teeth on it before the introduction of the security assistant role. I usually play Jason as a fairly stern officer, but I think I'm getting a better hang of when to apply pressure and when to let go, so to speak, as far as RP is concerned. I've also recently been playing Head roles a little more frequently, not that there's a lot of uniqueness to them besides the added responsibility and expectation of knowing at least a little about everything in their department. I've also played a fair amount as a silicon, mostly as HK-47, though also recently as the AI, MULTIVAC.
As I mentioned before, seeing the light bulb come on is exciting when you're teaching someone. Whether it's just explaining something that's not necessarily spelled out on the wiki or it's talking through the interactions of mechcomp devices, helping people learn something I've figured out or something I've had taught to me is something I enjoy and I'd like to ply my knowledge as a mentor.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): none (that I know about)
good person, jack-of-all-trades, fun to talk to in discord
+1 Experienced and good player. Positive and helpful both in-game and Discord. They have spent a lot of time helping people in the ss13-questions channel.
always great and friendly to speak with both in game and discord, also is very experienced and has lots of knowledge, with these both combined i feel they will be a great mentor that will be able to help lots of people!

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