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Mentor Application - Waffleloffle (Jory Clements)
+1, good player and informative folk at the same time, damn good role player and a good friend. They are ready for the purple badge of honor.
Easy +1. Helpful, kind, always around. They’re enjoyable to be around and very patient as well.
Yes definitely a +1, always good to have around, helps make shifts more enjoyable. I would trust them to not use any info from Mhelps to their advantage.
waffle is funny and good and helpful.
Rarely they are Evil Jory Clements too.
Great roleplayer, always friendly and helpful. Their presence always has a positive impact on the people around them, both ingame and on discord. Defs a +1!
very sweet and helpful, good mentor material +1
Nice player, very helpful and kind to other players in discord too! +1
Its a relief to join 30 minutes in the round as hos and see that at least Jory is on the team. Its a player i know will be responsive and think about the crew and the antags fun. I trust them a lot on making the round even nicer as a HoS and managing to help the security team to not fall apart (good luck you will need it). Def +1 from me.
Good guy, good spriter, knows their shit, +1
See, I didn't actually know you had a menor app up. Or I'd have been in here long ago, saying what others have said. Friendly, knows their stuff, great roleplayer, and I've seen you teaching a few times now.

I look forward to you adding some stinky purple fur.
I don't feel like i've ever really RPd with Jory specifically, but i've never had a bad experience with them etiher. That and i've seen them be helpfull to other people.
+1 from me!! waffle is a kind and helpful person, very friendly on discord, i think they would be a good mentor!

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