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Mentor Application - Waffleloffle (Jory Clements)
Usual character name: Jory Clements, Abigail Clements, Canary NTJ2-016
BYOND username: Waffleloffle
Discord username: wolfolotl#4582
Recommended by: Cal, Jan.antilles
Goon servers you play: Mostly Goonstation 3 Morty and Goonstation 4 Sylvester, though once in a blue moon I’ll do a Heisenbee round or two.

Reason for application + game experience:

Space Station 13 is the closest a digital medium has ever come to feeling like a simulacrum of real life to me. I don’t say this hyperbolically. I’ve frequented my fair share of chatrooms, lurked on more than a handful of forums, and played all sorts of multiplayer games. I can’t speak for everyone, but the human element of SS13 is the main reason why I keep coming back. There is nothing quite like the sheer depth and variety of interactions I’ve experienced on Goon, and I’d love to give back by helping new players experience the magic this game has to offer.

I’ve been playing on Goon on and off for a little over a year now. Quite honestly, I was terrified of being judged for my abilities when I first started out, which led me to spectate much more often than I actually played a shift. Over several months, I gradually built up the courage to be confident in my knowledge and come out of my shell. This metamorphosis was only possible through seeing people more experienced than me play, being able to ask them things, and receiving reassurance that it was okay to mess up. I’d like to be that sort of figure for others. It feels only right to try to put that kindness back into the environment, and to be able to do so would be lovely.

Being able to help people understand the complex and often obtuse ways that they can engage with the game is a process I find very rewarding. Ingame, I’ve helped walk new players through systems of varying complexity on several occasions. I’ve taught several people the fundamentals of the Thermo-Electric Generator, walked a fresh security assistant through the tools and responsibilities of the job, and have the sort of deep mechanical know-how to explain why certain things do or don’t work. For instance, I recently found a mechanic growing garlic and onions in an attempt to get honey for a new cloner, and could immediately tell them that the reason none was being produced was because neither of the plants they chose produced nectar. I can only imagine that plenty of people have niche, difficult-to-place problems every shift, and to be able to pass that knowledge around would be nothing but a joy.

Previous bans: Accidentally banned from the Discord once when an admin was trying to get a slur-spammer with a similar username. The mistake was quickly rectified, and I don’t believe I’ve received any other bans.
Yep, Jory gets my vote. Most of my interactions with Jory primarily come from Security, where he is a very activate and very helpful officer, often teaching new players and showing them the ropes. They have a wide spectrum of knowledge from plenty of departments, although it may not be as deep as a lot of other more specialist mentors. They're a treat to interact with ingame, on the Discord, and I've gotten some REALLY good RP with them recently with their character, Canary.

And oddly, this app itself taught me something! I'm an absolute Botany noob, so I assumed all plants produced nectar due to game mechanics not being fully realistic, and reading this app, I guess now I know that some dont!

Lots of encounters with Jory in my 9ish months playing here, very pleasant, knows a lot of ins and outs of various departments, knows when to hold em and when to fold em, when to walk away and when to wait... thats The Gambler. +1 never had a bad experience with them and they will go out of their way to teach new people, and even though I haven't touched a Cog engine since they taught me my first round of Goongineering.
Definite approval from me. Incredibly kind, patient, and level-headed. I trust them completely.
This is an easy +1 for me. It's common to see Jory engaging with new players, and I have personally had wonderful experiences every time I've interacted with them. They have both a deep understanding of many of the systems of the game, and a very good grasp on what good RP is for SS13. I believe they'd make a great mentor.
Jory has some experience in my mind with roleplay, and he really fits on the server as a roleplayer. He takes a antagonist role and make it fun and mysterious, a very good aspect for such. I do believe that Jory has lots experience, and I trust that he can use his knowledge to help Goonstation.

1+ smile
Can’t say much that others already have said. Waffle is always there to provide correct input whenever I ask stupid questions or is just answering questions for others in general

Very nice and helpful person in game, on Discord and on the forums. Helped me achieve my dreams to become a true artist. Their RP is also top notch. Would love to see them with a violet name.

+1 from me too, they're always an absolute joy to see/play with, if I had any questions they're one of the first people I'd like to go to.
I absolutely stand by my recommendation!! Waffle is a great player and a great roleplayer, and will do a fantastic job continuing to help new players and teach current players new tricks with the Mentor tools. I totally trust them to not abuse in-round information and to continue making every round they are in better for everyone involved!
Yes! They're a friendly face I recognize and have always displayed kindness and patience. I wholeheartedly believe they'd make a great mentor.
Waffle is nice and kind, and great to interact with. +1, I think they’d make a great mentor
I've been absolutely swamped lately, but I can make time for saying abso-fucking-lutely to this. Only had positive interactions with them, both in-game and in discord. They help people out all the time in discord as well as in-game, but I haven't been in-game much lately frown and they would make a wonderful mentor.

My rounds are always better when Waffleloffle's characters are in them! Very kind and patient person, with great RP skills.

I have seen waffle in lots of different rounds and they are always very friendly and always ready to help people, they are so much fun to RP with and they really do improve the experience of a round! they also help people in discord as well,

overall i feel with their friendly, patient attitude and amazing knowledge they will make a great mentor! +1

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