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About where Prismatic Spray is right now
With the recent change today where only the first projectile hits the target, how is this still a 2 cost spell and how are wizards meant to use it?

Exhibit A : 
you could fire an entire barrage at point blank and do barely any damage, because a 1 brute projectile hits.
[Image: zrFZngA.png]

Exhibit B : 
In an ideal world, where 3 people line up for your barrage,they might not even get damaged and none were stunned/downed.
[Image: iVlwOj8.png]

Exhibit B, continued :
after FIVE more barrages, all of them were in still green health. the levels of RNG reliance on this spell is baffling, considering how close ranged this spell is.
[Image: WHEGvKb.png]

Prismatic Spray is a shotgun ranged spell with awful accuracy. This requires you to be dangerously close to hit anything, and folks aren't going to get phased by it right now. They can run up to your face and stun baton you to death even if you somehow land a decent damage projectile.
Yeah revert the recent commit and just reduce the damage the spell does instead. It already had a 50% miss chance on downed and was essentially the only lethal ranged spell as it was. Fireball hardly does any damage either but at least it has burning (That also hardly does damage unless you force them to burn via other methods, and I think always misses downed people)
The stun projectiles from this spell also became pretty much useless, it takes like 3 to knock somebody down and 1 simply isn't enough to do anything unless the person was already low on stamina.

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