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Complaint ursulamajor, Heisenbee #1, Nov 14th at 8:20PM EST
Admin: Ursulamajor

Server: Heisenbee #1

Date + time: EST 8:20PM

Synopsis: Admins started a craze with a SSBU Luigi 0-death combo joke complete with some great music and the round built off of that craze. It was also a rev round, so it was a hectic and hilariously enjoyable round of mario/luigi jokes that kept building up as time went on. After participating all around station in goofy jokes and stuff, I decided to do a goofy gimmick to end the round since I figured I was the last Head. So I went to escape and went on building a short pathway into space from the escape exits on Donut 3, complete with lighting from floor bulbs. (although some didn't work). I ended up deciding to build a lit, 3x3 floor in the center of the giant planet sprite just east of donut 3 for ambience, and sat down a folding chair and started drawing a goofy picture of mario and luigi with the caption "Bro" and waited.

I was there for about 2-5 minutes at around 23:00 into the round when an announcement came up about me hiding in space to stall the round, which i actually missed because there were an abundance of announcements previously, and I was preoccupied at the time. I built the entire thing there expecting people to check out the weird pathway into space that only goes like... 10 tiles out before they had view of me. I expected the crew to get led to me since there were an abundance of messages of where I was from the nukes, as well as the constant radio chatter about the shuttle and escape. They only really needed to say 3 words to get the crew to know exactly where I was and have them do a mob push through a nuke or two to come kill me, which I thought would've been a rad end to the round and something I was totally down to do once I saw the nukes(acting like a boss from a game).

I was excited and thought I was getting admin gimmick help and built a 3x3 glass showcase around me and was planning to wait and do a goofy monologue like bowser while crew attacked me, except about 30 seconds after the nukes were placed, they just spawned in with a gun, killed me and then banned me with "stalling out a rev round like a weenie in a built area of space". Except it was like roughly 25 minutes into the round? And it wasn't like I walled it off, or didn't make a path to it, it was a lit pathway to a 3x3 with regular glass that isn't particularly robust, and it was attached to one of the most active areas of the map at the time.

I didn't really have time to actually have a conversation. All I got to really put out was a complaint about being murdered when trying to do a gimmick before I got banned, without actually being messaged directly. I'm pretty sure if there was any attempt at direct conversation before the ban, it would've went 100x better and it could've actually been a fun ending to the round that we all enjoyed. They assumed mal-intent with my gimmick and didn't even bother talking to me, and just killed me at 25 minutes into a rev round and booted me. When was 25 minutes stalling out a rev round to begin with though?

From what I've seen previous with revs, that type of reaction was reserved for 50+ minute rev rounds where a head or head rev hid in a locker in an obscure area without any hints, the crew were unhappy and wanted the round to end, and even then there was more flare to it usually? The crew was having a blast from what i saw, still actively doing RP and having fun gimmicks. I even participated in a goofy one like 3 minutes before I left to build. I guess I'm just upset there was no real communication beyond an announcement I didn't even see, that was more meant to shame me for stalling than to show crew where I was, and didn't exactly pop up in the middle of my screen? A single direct message would've shown my intent when I responded, and then a message about my location could've been announced that was more in theme, instead of shaming me for something I wasn't even intending to do in the first place and banning me. Feels almost personal at that point.

Logs: I had planned to post a file for the last 10 or so minutes of the round, showing off all the announcements  in the hopes of making it more understandable of why I didn't pay attention to the announcement about me. But the attach doesn't actually accept the file type from saving the logs on byond, so that's unfortunate. I'm sure there's access to the logs on the dev side regardless, but if you do want it, I can send it over discord or something.

Extra information:
Location and general area
Missed announcement
Nuke announcements "and surprised flint"
Map of Donut 3 for Scale
Nukes & Glass.. And Drawing
Antag list & time of round at ban
I've read through the ban and feedback stickies, so I hope I didn't mess anything up, especially with the links. I think I've done the right formatting? I don't really care about appealing the ban since it's peanuts, it's more just the actual issue of what happened. sad greater domestic space-bee
You went out there at minute 18
0:18:28.477 station Barnaxi Sibilant MomoBerry draws on the canvas: Built Zone (227,156,1):

You were still there, having not moved, when I found you at minute 27

0:27:48.732 admin Emily Claire UrsulaMajor [DEAD]: jumped to Barnaxi Sibilant MomoBerry Built Zone (227,157,1)

You were the only head alive, and had been for a little over 5 of those minutes.

Immediately ditching the station, as Head, to an isolated area of space to hang out by yourself and draw while the rest of the crew tore themselves apart wondering (and expressing in deadchat) why the round wasn't over yet is what we call "stalling out the round," regardless of your intent.

It's a 6 hour ban. Don't do it again. Thanks.
Are your logs from the start of the actual shift or from the start of the 3 minute preround, because they don't really line up with the pictures I have that show I was already banned at minute 26. Regardless, I could care less about the ban, I've already said that above. Not a ban appeal, just upset at the roundabout way things happened. It's more the fact that you just chose to kill and ban me instead of actually messaging me anything for the 9 minutes that I was out there, as that would've solved the entire thing.

Isolated also makes it seem like I didn't built a direct path to me with lights, and instead hid in a dark corner of the zlevel.

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