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Mentor App for Rube Quirin (Annoyed Egg)
Usual character name: Rube Quirin
BYOND username: Annoyed Egg
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Keanu#3854
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: 1/Main/Heisenbee 99% of the time. Used to play 2/Overflow/Bombini a fair bit when I was newer.

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): Well, I've been thinking about it for a while and decided to do it. If it doesn’t get approved, it'll help me spot my flaws anyway so why not make one. I enjoy teaching newer players/helping players grasp more complicated systems (I really enjoy teaching players about the TEG). Haven't be playing too much recently since recently since life’s got busier for me, but I'll still play a handful of rounds at weekends so I'll be able to help out then.

I'll go more into a departmental analysis of my knowledge and experience per department now:
Civilian: Haven't had much teaching experiences here, due to me not playing it too much. Know the mechanics well for bartender and botanty, haven't had too much experience as a chef, however.
Security: Been my main for a good while now. I've taught a good few newer players and corrected a few powertripping officers from when I've been playing HoS. I'm probably a bit more on the powergamey side when it comes to treatment of antag gear and sometimes keeping it on me, but it’s very rare I'll use it unless the situation is out of hand and it’s a last resort.
Science: Used to play it a lot back on Overflow/Bombini, and most of the info holds up well, haven’t really taught in it since I rarely play it nowadays. Chemistry: I know it more than decently, only thing I haven't really touched is the chemi-compiler. Tele-sci: I've used the teleporter a fair bit, and I've gone on a handful of expeditions, but not solnerd levels of knowledge. Art-sci: I know how to do the shit, but I find it boring so haven't touched it much. Toxins: Moltiz B still really confuses me, haven't got it to work once for me, but otherwise I have decent experience making TTVs in it and I know the mechanics of the burn decently.
Medical: I enjoy playing these jobs (apart from Geneticist) and have decent experience treating injuries and performing surgeries.
Engineering: As stated in the piece on toxins, Moltiz B confuses me. Otherwise, I've had a ton of experience pre-changes doing hellburns and post-changes doing pipeburns, and I've taught a good few players about the engine and the basic mechanics of different burns. I've also had decent experience as QM and miner, and I've done a bit of stuff with mechanics from time to time but nothing insane.
Silicon: Played borg a bit, but mainly AI, and have done a fair bit of stuff. Know laws well.
Antag: Have played most antags (Fire elemental and arcfiend are the exception), and have a fair bit of experience doing both pure murder and more gimmicky stuff.

So uhh yeah thats about it. Hope you'll give me feedback to which I can improve using.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None as far as I'm aware
rube’s always been a nice person and good sport in game, and seem to have a good presence on discord. i cant speak for their helpfulness, but nothing comes to mind to make me think they wouldnt be a good fit

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