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Mentor Application - GreenJelly (Abigail Botts)
Usual character name: Abigail Botts
BYOND username: GreenJelly
Discord username (if you are on our discord): GreenJelly
Recommended by (if applicable): n/a
Goon servers you play: Mainly on 'Goonstation 3 Roleplay: Morty' nowadays

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): I have been finding that I enjoy to teach new players how to do things - either in character, in LOOC while flying around as an observer ghost, or on the Discord's #ss13-questions - so I figured I might as well try to make it "official" by applying to be a mentor. That way I can do it through Mentorhelp as well, so I'm less reliant on just being in the right place at the right time, and so I can answer questions outside of those that spring up around my immediate job for the round.

I have been playing SS13 on Goonstation on and off for almost ten years, almost 900 rounds. A lot of the time has been in Civilian and Medical jobs on Classic, but lately I have been playing more on the RP servers - mainly on Morty.
I have experience with all jobs - including Silicon roles - except for Mechanic and Command jobs. I have the most experience with Medical and Civilian jobs, but I am also quite comfortable with Engineering and have recently gotten into playing Security jobs. 

In more specifics.
  • Civilian
    My go-to department to suggest for new players, since the jobs are excellent entry points into the mechanics of Goonstation, without being very high pressure. I have a particular fondness for Janitor, which allows new players to learn the station layouts; and Botany, which is a chill pace job that still has a lot of potential complexity with plant mutations and splicing.
    The jobs also offer great opportunities for roleplay since they all give you plenty of time to interact with other players, be it serving drinks in the bar or praising your greater being of choice as the Chaplain. Also: Clown and the ubiquitous Staff Assistant.

  • Medical
    I have spent so many hours in medbay... Medical Doctor is definitely my expertise here, with a good knowledge on medications for different damage types, critical treatment, and surgeries. The job is definitely more stressful than the ones in Civilian, but a lot of the knowledge gained from it is useful regardless of where you are on the station.
    Robotics is another job I quite enjoy. It is usually a bit slower pace than Medical Doctor, but you get plenty of surgery experience.
    Genetics I have a bit less deep knowledge on, but I know enough to explain the basics.

  • Science
    I am less experienced in science than I am in Medical, but I feel comfortable enough giving instructions in ArtSci and TeleSci, with some basic knowledge of Chemistry (mainly making medicine) and Toxins.

  • Engineering
    Engineer is another job I quite enjoy. It has a variation of chill setting up engines and more exciting breach repairs and firefighting. 
    I am quite comfortable with the TEG and happy to teach newcomers how to set up safe and stable furnaces. I have also set up "hellburns", though I do not tend to do it often; and have done pipeburns, but I almost never do because they require me to babysit the engine so much. I have less experience with the hotspot tapping, but I know how to do it and will probably be more comfortable after more playtime on Oshan. I am also quite comfortable with the Singularity.
    More generally I can instruct in how to repair broken walls and floors, and electric things like wiring and repairing the APCs.
    I am also experienced with mining, mainly through the magnet but I have also done trench mining and mining with a pod; and I have spent a fair amount of time in Cargo. Mechanic is a job I have not done, but at some point I hope to learn that too!

  • Silicons
    I have played quite a lot of AI, it is a role I enjoy and both like to teach and learn new things with. I particularly like being able to assist with cross-department communication, assisting Science and Mining with the quantum telescope and TeleSci, and monitoring the station to assist with emergencies.
    Cyborg is also nice and versatile, allowing you to experiment with pretty much any role on the station.

  • Security
    A job I was very hesitant to try, but also very glad that I did. I have found that I quite enjoy the job, particularly acting like "dispatch" and assisting with radio monitoring as a Security Assistant. I am still fairly new to it, but I am comfortable teaching people how to use the tools, how to manage the records, and how to do forensics.

Beyond that I have general knowledge about how the game works (Would be quite sad if I did not with my playtime), and am always excited to learn new things, or different ways to do the things I already know.

I am happy to add any other information!

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None that I know about.

Very nice on discord and helpful in questions. Haven't seen them lose their temper or be a bad player. Definite approval from me.
I haven't seen them that much but they seem very nice and helpful. +1
'Bout time. Love to hang out with you on discord and ingame. You're a friendly face, and I can trust you'd teach players well, whilst representing goon. +1
Wait Abigail is not an mentor yet??

Very friendly in-game and discord +1
Abby would represent the goon community very well. She is kind and friendly in-game or on discord. She is everything you want in a mentor +1
They're always polite to everyone from what I've seen. Very patient and has a good attitude, I think they'd do great as a mentor.
Always nice to be around and happy to help other people. Plays very nice characters too and makes the rounds better. +1 from me.
they are friendly and fun to be around, they are very patient and also have lots of knowledge they use to help other plays! i feel they would be great mentor!

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